Hilde Lysiak’s amazing real-life girl-detective story coming to Apple TV


A show about girl reporter Hilde Lysiak is coming to Apple TV.
Girl reporter Hilde Lysiak solved a murder when she was 9 years old. What have you done today?
Photo: Scholastic

Ever since the days of Nancy Drew, girl detectives have been a staple of young adult fiction. But Hilde Lysiak is the real deal: at 9 years old, she solved a murder.

Apple purchased the TV rights to her story, and will turn it into a 10-episode series. The show, which is as-yet untitled, will be a mystery drama.

Tag stars strain to hit high notes in new Carpool Karaoke teaser


We all know Ed Helms can sing, but what about his Tag castmates? Find out in the new Carpool Karaoke teaser.
We all know Ed Helms can sing, but what about his castmates?
Photo: Apple

Jeremy Renner, Ed Helms and Jon Hamm are ready to sing your socks off in the latest episode of Carpool Karaoke.

The trio, who star together in the upcoming film Tag, bring their vocal talents to Apple’s musical TV show for an all-new episode. Apple released a teaser this morning, and it looks like it could be one of the funniest Carpool Karaoke episodes yet.

Just watch as Hamm tries to hit the high notes!

Apple battles HBO to acquire new J.J. Abrams sci-fi show


JJ Abrams
J.J. Abrams' latest show would be a big coup for Apple.
Photo: Gage Skidmore/Wikipedia CC

Apple and HBO are vying for a new sci-fi drama series written by Star Wars: The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams. The untitled show is the first bit of TV writing Abrams has done since working on Fringe a decade ago in 2008.

In addition to Fringe, Abrams co-created the popular TV show Lost, as well as creating both Felicity and Alias. He has also executive-produced multiple shows in the past few years, including HBO’s Westworld, Showtime’s Roadies and Hulu’s upcoming Castle Rock.

With Planet of the Apps, Apple fails to crack the code for good TV [Review]


Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 11.45.49
When it comes to original programming, this isn't exactly Netflix's House of Cards.
Photo: Apple

With its new reality show Planet of the Apps, Apple didn’t try to reinvent the wheel. It slapped a new body on a well-worn vehicle — wannabe entrepreneurs pitching their precious ideas to a panel of questionable celebrity experts — and drove straight to “Meh-ville.”

We talk iPhone 7s features and Tesla’s Model 3 on The CultCast


The new and very svelt Tesla Model 3.
The new and very svelt Tesla Model 3.
Photo: Tesla

This week on Cult of Mac’s: Rumors point to an iPhone 7s with a drastic redesign, facial recognition and the return of the glass front and back. Plus: Folks around the world line up for the Tesla Model 3; Apple is making a show about apps hosted by technology expert musician Will.i.am; why the new iPad Pro is not a notebook replacement for the masses; and, in a bizarre plot twist, Apple seeks FBI’s iPhone unlocking secrets.

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