Apple asks employees to share their vaccination status ahead of office return


apple park
Apple employees are gearing up to return to the office.
Photo: Duncan Sinfield

Apple is gearing up to bring more employees back to the office. And that means taking measures to safeguard staff against COVID-19.

According to The Verge reporter Zoe Schiffer, Apple is requesting that employees disclose their current vaccination status with the company in some locations.

“Apple is asking our team members in certain locations to share their current vaccination status,” Apple’s guidance notes. “You can confidentially share whether you’re fully vaccinated, have had a partial dose, are not vaccinated, or do not wish to share.”

The surprising reason Apple hates iPhone rumors


The surprising reason Apple hates iPhone rumors
You probably can’t guess one of the reasons why Apple wants people to stop leaking the specifications of upcoming iPhone models.
Image: the Hacker 34/Cult of Mac

Apple hates it when people leak details about its upcoming devices. No surprise there. But an order to stop spreading rumors about unreleased iPhone models that the company reportedly sent to a Chinese citizen gives an unexpected reason.

iPad sales continue to be hot, hot, hot


There are no iPad or iPhone purchases limits
iPad shipments last quarter are up about 50% from where they were two years ago.
Photo: Apple/Cult of Mac

iPad sales kicked onto high gear in 2020 and haven’t slowed down since. In the April-through-June quarter of 2021,
Apple shipped around 15 million tablets, roughly 50% higher than shipments in the same period two years ago.

Colorful Cable Blocks will rid you of troublesome tangles


Cable management blocks
No more cable clutter.
Photo: Function101

Sick of seeing a sea of tangled cables on your desk or nightstand? Restore order with a four-pack of colorful Cable Blocks.

They’re weighted (not stuck down) so they can be easily repositioned whenever you like, and they’ll hold onto almost any cable to prevent it from mingling with others — or from falling off your table.

You can finally preorder the kooky-cool Playdate game console [Updated]


Preorders for the Playdate game console open soon. Note the crank.
Preorders for the Playdate game console open soon. Note the crank.
Photo: Panic

MacOS and iOS app developer Panic initially said in May 2019 its kooky-cool Playdate handheld game console would come out in early 2020. Last week it said preorders would start July 29 and, hey, that’s today. Preorders have started.

The original announcement got a lot of looks because of the gadget’s interesting, retro design. It looks like a child’s toy — in a cool way — with a yellow casing and a black-and-white display. But it packs some tech.

Install these critical security patches for Mac, iPhone,iPad and Apple Watch today [Updated]


Mac malware is real. Watch out.
macOS Big Sur 11.5.1, iOS 14.7.1 and iPadOS 14.7.1 each take care of the same dangerous bug.
Graphic: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Three of Apple’s biggest products received security patches Monday — and another got its version on Thursday. You should probably install them as soon as possible.

The company started with macOS Big Sur 11.5.1, iOS 14.7.1, and iPadOS 14.7.1 to fix a security hole reportedly used by at least one hacker already. That’s why they are “recommended for all users,” according to Apple.

Apple followed up Thursday by releasing watchOS 7.6.1 to patch the same bug on Apple Watch. It’s also recommended.

GarageBand teaches music remixing with Lady Gaga, Dua Lipa songs


Apple’s GarageBand teaches music remixing with Lady Gaga, Dua Lipa songs
GarageBand now includes an expanded Sound Library with new Sound Packs from top artists and music producers.
Graphic: Apple

Apple wants to help people get over the hump of learning art of music remixing with its free GarageBand application for iPad and iPhone. Two new Remix Sessions offer step-by-step video instruction in the app itself. Thy use hit songs from Grammy-winning artists Dua Lipa and Lady Gaga.

Musicians can also now create tracks with seven new Producer Packs full of beats, loops and instruments.