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Outrace Family Guy, American Dad! and King of the Hill characters in Warped Kart Racers


Outrace 'Family Guy' and 'King of the Hill' characters in Warped Kart Racers
Buckle up with the stars of American Dad!Family Guy, King of the Hill and Solar Opposites.
Screenshot: 20th Century Games

Peter Griffin jumps in a go-kart and races Hank Hill. Or Stan Smith takes on Dale Gribble. These matchups are all part of Warped Kart Racers.

The wacky racing game launched Friday on Apple Arcade. It’s playable on iPhone, Mac and more. And up to eight players can race at once.

Can’t get enough dinosaurs? Watch second trailer for Prehistoric Planet.


Can't get enough dinosaurs? Watch second trailer for 'Prehistoric Planet.'
Each of the five episodes of Prehistoric Planet will show dinosaurs and other archosaurs in a different habitat.
Photo: Apple TV+

A couple of enormous sauropods go head to head. A herd of ceratopsia takes on a predator in a driving snowstorm. A pair of tyrannosaurs share a tender moment. All of these are highlights of the second trailer for Prehistoric Planet, coming soon to Apple TV+.

This five-night docuseries will explore the age of the dinosaurs from the Arctic to the oceans.

AirPods 3 are a real steal after a $29 discount


AirPods 3
AirPods 3 are brilliant ... and on sale!
Photo: Apple

Apple’s latest AirPods 3 is down to just $149.99 on Amazon — a sweet $29.01 discount from its retail price of $179.

In Cult of Mac‘s AirPods 3 review, we found them to be the best earbuds in Apple’s lineup. And this is the lowest price the earbuds have dropped to in the last month.

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Protect your Apple Watch while tracking workouts with ActionSleeve 2


You can wear it anywhere, not just on the wrist.
You can wear it anywhere, not just on the wrist.
Photo: Twelve South

An Apple Watch makes a great fitness tracker, but drenching the expensive gadget covered during an intense workout can be worrisome. An athletic band can help, but not all of them are versatile enough to mop up perspiration and keep your wearable out of harm’s way while you flail away.

That’s where Twelve South’s updated ActionSleeve 2 comes in. Not only does it encase your Apple Watch in reinforced fabric, it’s made to wear other places on your body rather than just your wrist. You can put on the upper arm, for example, or anywhere on your arms.

And it’s a good deal right now in the Cult of Mac Store.

Apple shows off AR/VR headset to board of directors


This Apple VR headset concept
The Apple AR/VR headset headset might jump from concept to reality very soon.
Concept: Antonio De Rosa

Although Apple’s VR/AR headset is still supposed to be a secret project, the company’s board of directors reportedly got a look at the device recently. This could be a sign the product is moving close to a release.

The long-rumored headset — which supposedly will offer both virtual reality and augmented reality capabilities — might be unveiled as soon as Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June.

iPhone pulls in double the revenue of any rival


iPhone shipments grow while Android tanks
Apple takes in far more revenue from iPhone sales than any Android-maker.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Everyone knows that Android outsells iPhone, but that’s not the whole picture. Apple takes in a lot more revenue than any rival smartphone-maker. It’s more than double Samsung’s, and no other company gets even that close.

And in the quarter before that, iPhone pulled in more revenue than all its rivals combined.

iPad needs floating app windows to reach its full potential


Floating app windows could be coming to iPad. Finally.
Apple is allegedly working to make this dream into a reality.
Illustration: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

With iPadOS 16 right around the corner, there’s a lot of hope that a rumor of floating app windows for iPad will come true. This would make Apple’s tablet more Mac-like, without turning it into a Mac.

Enhanced support for external displays is also on many people’s wish lists, including my own. Apps on multiple screens would be another important part of making iPad more productive for high-end users.