Boost mobile charging with new 2-in-1 power bank and wall adapter


Belkin BoostCharge Hybrid Wall Charger 25W + Power Bank 5K
Belkin's new combo power bank and wall charger can cover plenty of your charging needs.
Photo: Belkin

Belkin rolled out a new portable 2-in-1 charger Thursday that should suit people who travel a lot or work in different places, like hybrid employees, because it’s both a wall charger and a power bank. It’s the Belkin BoostCharge Hybrid Wall Charger 25W + Power Bank 5K, great for keeping devices like iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch going.

It’s set to start shipping on Valentine’s Day, February 14. And no, we’re not saying it’s a romantic gift idea.

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs’ NeXT quits making computers


NeXT Cube
The NeXT Computer was great but it didn't sell.
Photo: Rama & Musée Bolo/Wikipedia CC

February 9: Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs' NeXT quits making computers February 9, 1993: NeXT Inc., the company Steve Jobs founded after being pushed out of Apple, quits making computers. The company changes its name to NeXT Software and focuses its efforts entirely on producing code for other platforms.

In a mass layoff, 330 of NeXT’s 500 employees are made redundant in an event known internally as “Black Tuesday.” Cruelly, many people hear of their fate on the radio.

What Loupedeck can do for your photo and video editing [Setups]


Today's user relies on Loupedeck Live for photo and video editing tasks.
Photo: Loupedeck

The other day we featured an M1 Ultra Mac Studio setup. We wanted to loop back to call out a couple of cool components in it — namely, a Loupedeck streaming media console and a Keychron Q1 Pro Mechanical Keyboard. It turns out Loupedeck Live is great for video editing (photos, too!).

Foundation season 3 filming paused as producers try to lower costs


An outer space shot from “Foundation,” now streaming on Apple TV+.
"Foundation" is known for epic visuals but not a huge budget.
Photo: Apple TV+

Despite the sci-fi epic Foundation being a huge hit for Apple TV+, the restart of filming for season three has reportedly been postponed as producers look for ways to trim the budget.

The news is somewhat surprising, as leaks indicated that the series was costing less than many might expect.

Apple updates iOS, iPadOS, macOS and watchOS with single bug fix


iPad software update
The update across Apple device OS software fixes a problem with overlapping text.
Photo: David Snow/Cult of Mac

Apple made an unexpected software update available Thursday with a bug fix across devices, releasing macOS Sonoma 14.3.1, iOS 17.3.1, iPadOS 17.3.1 and watchOS 10.3.1 for users to install.

The fix relates to text that automatically duplicates or overlaps in various apps, like Safari, Mail and Messages.

Cool new Vision Pro case is half the size of Apple’s


Apple Vision Pro Travel Case and WaterField Designs Vision Pro Shield Case
WaterField's new Vision Pro carrying case is more compact than Apple's Travel Case, and it comes in more design choices.
Photo: WaterField Designs

Apple offers a $199 Travel Case as an accessory for its new Vision Pro spatial computing headset, but Waterfield Designs just came out with a much smaller and more portable one — the Vision Pro Shield Case.

The first production run of WaterField’s cool new case is already sold out, but you can order it now and it will ship on February 29, the company said.

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs flips out over iPad tweet


The first-gen iPad in all its glory.
Steve Jobs did not like losing control of the iPad narrative.
Photo: Apple

February 8: Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs flips out over iPad tweet February 8, 2010: Steve Jobs reportedly flips out over a tweet sent from an iPad by an editor at The Wall Street Journal.

The reason? Apple showed the iPad to top staffers at the news outlet months ahead of its official release. While Jobs already had unveiled the device to the public a couple of weeks before, the suggestion that people outside Apple gained early access to the tablet was apparently enough to upset the CEO.

The tweet quickly disappeared.

Whipsmart: Apple buys 32 AI startups in 2023


artificial intelligence startups
It's another sign Cupertino is very serious about competing in artificial intelligence.
Photo: Cult of Mac

When it comes to deploying artificial intelligence in products, companies like Google might seem quicker on the draw than Apple. But no major tech company bought more AI startups than the iPhone-maker in 2023, according to a new report.

That suggests Apple might soon become a leader in generative AI rather than playing catch-up.

New Thunderbolt 4 hub sports blinding-fast file transfer and 13 ports


Ugreen Revodock Max 213
Ugreen's new Revodock 213 Max hub suits all sorts of power users.
Photo: Ugreen

Ugreen rolled out three new series of Revdock hubs Tuesday compatible with Macs, including the Revodok Max 213 Thunderbolt 4 dock with 40Gbps transfer speeds, support for dual 4K displays and a staggering 13 ports.

“The Max 213 [is] the premier product specifically tailored for professionals in fields such as media, data/financial analysis, photography, audio/video production and more,” the company said. “With ultra-high speed and ultra-high efficiency, it facilitates seamless collaboration and productivity.”

Apple preps pair of super-thin folding iPhone prototypes


Concept folding iPhone
Apple won't release a folding iPhone until it can make a good one.
Concept: Ran Avni

One of the design goals of a folding iPhone is a unit no thicker than one of Apple’s current handsets when folded closed, according to information leaking out of the company. In fact, a pair of incredibly thin folding iPhone prototypes already exist, according to a new report.

Cupertino’s efforts in this area have supposedly been going on since 2018, but available components haven’t been up to making the device the company wants to build.

Last chance: Get 20% off iPad styluses and tips much cheaper than Apple’s


EasyPencil 3 and 4 both feature magnetic stylus attachment to an iPad (but charging requires USB-C).
EasyPencil 3 and 4 both feature magnetic stylus attachment to an iPad (but charging requires USB-C).
Photo: SwitchEasy

If you recently got an iPad, you probably want a stylus so you can write and draw on it more precisely than you can with your fingertips. But Apple Pencil 2 might set you back $129. So how about something similar for less than half the price?

A good option is the SwitchEasy EasyPencil Pro. You can get the fourth-gen version of it in the Cult of Mac Store for just $47.99. Plus you can get 20% off tips for different uses. Or you can nab the third-gen EasyPencil for only $43.99. Sale ends today.

New Apple AI model can edit images per your instructions


Apple MGIE demo
In this demo, MGIE transforms a cottage into a mansion.
Photo: Apple/

Apple researchers released an open-source artificial intelligence model called MGIE that responds to a user typing natural language — simply saying what they want — to alter an image. Apple’s new AI image editing tool could wind up making it easy for iPhone or Mac owners to tweak photos.

MGIE — short for MMLM-Guided Image Editing — can handle Photoshop-style tweaks, global photo optimization and local editing. But output quality remains limited for now. And only Apple knows what it plans to do with its AI image editor.

You’ll never guess what this user thinks sets Mac Studio apart [Setups]


Mac Studio
Mac Studio has one of the nicest accessories of its kind a user has ever seen.

The M1 Ultra Mac Studio set a new benchmark for computing power in a package smaller than Mac Pro when it came out in spring 2022. Today’s setup sparked discussion about the relative merits of the powerful desktop machine, with one user citing a surprising point of praise — the Mac Pro braided power cord!

Today in Apple history: Steve Wozniak survives a plane crash


The Woz tells it like it is.
A plane crash marked the beginning of a leave of absence for Woz.
Photo: Universal Pictures

February 7: Today in Apple history: Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak survives a plane crash February 7, 1981: Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is involved in a serious plane crash in California, resulting in his first lengthy leave of absence from the company.

At the time, Wozniak is flying a turbocharged, single-engine, six-seat Beechcraft Bonanza A36TC. In the plane with Woz is his fiancé, Candi Clark, her brother and her brother’s girlfriend. Fortunately, nobody dies in the crash, although Woz suffers minor head injuries.

Vision Pro teardown finds pixels smaller than a red blood cell


Apple Vision Pro teardown: Display screen
The centerpiece of Vision Pro are its amazing display screens.
Photo: iFixit

iFixit’s Apple Vision Pro teardown continues, now with a focus on the headset’s incredibly high-resolution displays. As the experts point out, “You can fit ~54 Vision Pro pixels into a single iPhone pixel.”

However, the screen looks to the viewer like it’s a lower resolution than an iPhone.

Filmmaker reels over great collaborative editing on Vision Pro


Vision Pro film editing
Apparently this is what film editing looks like now.
Photo: Jon M. Cho

A filmmaker stuck at home during LA’s recent epic rainfall, unable to go to his editing room, said he used Evercast on an Apple Vision Pro to edit an entire feature film with another remote editor. He said he found the experience of Vision Pro video editing revelatory.

“I need to repeat this out loud,” director Jon M. Chu wrote Monday on X. “I was in it for HOURS editing on a virtual giant screen (the size of a real movie screen) a major motion picture from the comfort of my house. With no headache. I can’t tell you what a revelation this was.”

His post on X got 252,000 views and garnered a reply from a co-founder of collaborative video editing platform Evercast.

Start laughing with trailer for Noel Fielding’s hilarious take on highwayman Dick Turpin


Start laughing with trailer for Noel Fielding's hilarious take on highwayman Dick Turpin
Noel Fielding leads the cast of the action-comedy The Completely Made-Up Adventures of Dick Turpin.
Screenshot: Apple/Cult of Mac

The world got its first look at The Completely Made-Up Adventures of Dick Turpin, which will star British comedian Noel Fielding as the legendary British highwayman. The first hilarious trailer for the upcoming comedy-adventure series dropped Monday.

The show premieres on Apple TV+ in early March.

Today in Apple history: Steve Wozniak leaves Apple


A lack of respect for the Apple II leads to Steve Wozniak's departure from the company he founded.
A lack of respect for the Apple II leads to Steve Wozniak's departure from the company he founded.
Photo: Anirudh Koul/Flickr CC

February 6: Today in Apple history: Steve Wozniak leaves Apple February 6, 1985: Frustrated by Apple’s shifting priorities, co-founder Steve Wozniak leaves the company to pursue outside interests.

His departure — which comes the same year that Steve Jobs leaves Apple to form NeXT — represents yet another big change for the company. The move mostly stems from Woz’s dissatisfaction with how management treated the Apple II division. However, his desire to start a new company also plays a role.

Manhunt trailer shows heart-pounding search for assassin John Wilkes Booth


The true-crime limited series Manhunt debuts on Apple TV+ March 15.
Photo: Apple TV+

Stage actor John Wilkes Booth went on the run for 12 days after he shot President Abraham Lincoln in the back of the head at Ford’s Theatre in 1865. And the new trailer for Apple TV+ true-crimes series Manhunt brings to light this little-known historical fact.

Based on the bestselling nonfiction book Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln’s Killer, the seven-part series premieres March 15.

Apple Watch SE 2 is even more affordable after a $60 discount


Apple Watch SE 2 in yellow.
The Apple Watch SE 2 is irresistible after a big $60 discount.
Photo: Apple

Want an Apple Watch but not looking to spend a lot? Amazon’s fantastic deal will save you $60 on the Apple Watch SE (2nd gen), bringing the price down to $189. This makes the Cupertino company’s budget smartwatch even more affordable.

You can get a similar $60 off the 44mm Apple Watch SE variant, which means you can grab it for as low as $219.

OLED iPad Pro won’t cost an arm and a leg


OLED iPad mockup
Apple isn't about to price the OLED iPad Pro out of the reach of most consumers.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Early reports may have overstated the cost increase resulting from adding an OLED display to the first iPad Pro. New information indicates the price jump will be less than half of what had been previously rumored.

The high-end tablet is expected to launch in March/April.

Get to know Usher before his Super Bowl halftime show


Usher at Apple's Super Bowl halftime show
If you didn't already know all about Usher, you will now.
Photo: Apple

Before Usher plays the Apple Music Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show on Sunday in Las Vegas, Apple made sure everyone knows all about the R&B superstar Monday with word of a press conference coming on Thursday and a host of Usher tunes and information available now on Apple Music, including the artists “My Road to Halftime” playlist.

iPhone 16 renders bring latest leaks to life


iPhone 16 renders bring latest leaks to life
This might be a very early image of iPhone 16 in green
Image: Majin Bu

The iPhone 16 camera bump will shrink considerably, according to new CAD renders that supposedly show the future device. The customizable Action button from the iPhone 15 Pro models will appear on entry-level iPhones as well.

In addition, simulated images based on the renders show possible color options for the upcoming handset.