Moshi announces 10-year warranty, chargers


Moshi SnapTo wireless charger
The SnapTo charger does a stand-up job on iPhones.
Photo: Moshi

CES 2020Moshi, maker of stylish tech accessories, rolled out new products at CES Monday night along with a new warranty program that seems to discourage upgrades.

It sounds counterintuitive for a tech company. But Moshi, in announcing a 10-year global warranty program on all new products, says it wants to avoid producing cheap gadgets that add to mounting piles of tech garbage.

Old-school cool: Ronaldo rocks iPod shuffle before soccer match


soccer star Ronaldo and his iPod Shuffle
An obsolete iPod shuffle hasn't hurt Ronaldo’s game.
Screenshot: Bleacher Report/Twitter

Soccer star Christiano Ronaldo is worth roughly $450 million. He has invested in a hotel chain, owns a $3 million sports car, lives in a $6 million house and has a lifetime deal with Nike worth a reported $1 billion.

But when it comes to listening to music, he’s fine with an iPod shuffle.

Watch Apple TV on LG’s new 8K, 88-inch television. That will be $30,000


LG's 88-inch 8K, OLED smart tv
Picture this, your Apple TV+ shows in 8K on an 88-inch OLED smart TV from LG.
Photo: LG Electronics

CES 2020LG Electronics used the CES 2020 stage this morning to flaunt a 2020 lineup of more than a dozen new televisions with 4K and 8K displays along with a new Apple TV app.

Imagine watching your Apple TV+ shows on an 88-inch 8K OLED smart TV that is just a penny shy of $30,000.

Apple adds free emoji engraving on AirPods


Apple's free engraving of AirPods
Your AirPods case is a blank canvass.
Screenshot: Apple

Customers ready to click the “buy” button on a pair of new AirPods now have the option to have Apple customize the charging case with a name, phrase or emoji.

Apple posted a banner ad on its website to announce that its free engraving services now extend to AirPods and AirPods Pro.

Former HBO chief signs five-year producer deal with Apple TV+


file photo of former HBO chief Richard Plepler
Former HBO CEO Richard Plepler, right, in 2012 with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.
Photo: Ander Krusberg/ Peabody Awards

Forner HBO chief executive Richard Plepler has signed a five-year deal with Apple to make original feature films, documentaries and television series for Apple TV Plus.

Plepler was at HBO for 27 years and played important roles in the rise of original programming at the network.

Publisher of longtime Apple II magazine passes away


two Nibble magazine covers
Two Nibble covers, including the first edition, left.
Photo: Brian Wiser

Mike Harvey, well known to the Apple II community as the founder and publisher of Nibble magazine, passed away recently at his North Carolina home. He was 84.

His death was announced this morning by the Apple Puget Sound Program Library Exchange, an Apple user group that started in 1978.

MFI flash will add gloss to your iPhone photos


Anker MFi flash
First MFi flash out of the gate.
Photo: Anker

The biggest photography stories of the decade all involved the iPhone in some way. The approaching decade’s first story will likely be the rise of add-on strobe lights for iPhone photographers.

Less than two weeks after news broke that Apple told accessories companies that it would add flash support for the iPhone 11 lineup, Anker is claiming to have the first MFi flash unit that plugs right into the Lightning port.

Late collector’s vintage Macs find a new home at Montana museum


Adam Rosen's Vintage Mac Museum
The Vintage Mac Museum heads west to Montana
Photo: Adam Rosen

Apple museums have popped up all over the world, but none with the quirky love that filled the rooms of Adam Rosen’s Massachusetts home. He passed away in August and grieving family and friends vowed to find a new place to plug in his self-made Vintage Mac Museum.

Rosen’s father, Robert, told Cult of Mac the family has donated his son’s collection of more than 100 working machines to the American Computer and Robotics Museum in Bozeman, Montana.

Strobe support coming to iPhone 11, add-on makers confirm


With light in hand, the Profoto C1 flash brings studio power to your iPhone photos.
The C1 Light by Profoto is among the Bluetooth-enabled options to add strobes to iPhone photos.
Screenshot: Profoto/YouTube

The iPhone’s Portrait mode lets users add effects that emulate studio lighting. Soon, the iPhone could allow for the real thing.

Apple has added support for strobes as a preview for developers in its Made-for-iPhone licensing program.