Retroactive app lets you run Aperture, iTunes in macOS Catalina


screenshot of Retroactive from GitHub
It's OK to update to macOS Catalina. Retroactive will modify Aperture, iTunes and iPhones with the new OS.
Screenshot: Retroactive/GitHub

Apple told us it was time to move on when it killed two of its most popular apps, Aperture for photographers and iTunes, a music storage system that launched many DJ careers.

But an open-source app, aptly named Retroactive, brings new life to those beloved programs so that they can run in macOS Catalina.

Double the resolution of your iPhone photos with this trick


photography Usman Dawood
It's OK to be a little shaky.
Screenshot: Sonder Creative/YouTube

A relatively simple technique can double the resolution of an iPhone image. Shockingly, the trick is best executed with shaky hands.

What sounds counterintuitive will make sense when you see the steps in the video at the end of this post. It shows how a little hand movement helps make a sharper image.

iOS 13 Mail tweak is causing people to accidentally delete messages


Tweet regading iOS 13 tweak that moved trash can
The trash can is an icon that deserves to be returned to its rightful place.
Screenshot: John Roberts/Twitter

Why did Apple change its Mail app by placing the trash can icon where the reply arrow used to be?

Several iPhone users who updated to iOS 13 have asked that same question, taking to Twitter to vent and find a growing community of people who have accidentally deleted emails.

Ex-Apple insider trading lawyer charged with… insider trading


Apple logo
A former Apple lawyer faces criminal insider trading charges.
Photo: Cult of Mac file

A former top lawyer for Apple, fired after the SEC charged him with insider trading, was formally indicted on multiple charges of wire and security fraud, the U.S. Attorney in New Jersey announced today.

One of Gene Levoff’s responsibilities for Apple was to guard against the very activity that finds him in trouble.

4-in-1 charger will help you get over AirPower


Pitka's Air Quad wireless charger for Apple devices
The Air Quad wants to bring the family of Apple together for charging.
Photo: Pitaka

Apple’s effort to give its multi-device users a reliable charging pad failed. But other companies have stepped up to bring an all-in-one wireless charger and one currently on Kickstarter looks promising.

The Air Quad from Pitaka provides dedicated charging positions for the iPad, iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch.

Instagram will ban plastic surgery face filters


plastic surgery face filter on Instagram
Teresa Fogolari created a filters called "Plastica."
Screenshot: TeresaFogolari/Instagram

The company that makes face filters for Instagram will soon remove all filters that offer AR plastic surgery.

The new policy will be welcomed by body-positive activists and mental health professionals who believe social media is feeding a rise in body dysmorphia. They point to anecdotes from cosmetic surgeons who get requests from patients to match the look created by so-called beauty filters.

Tim Cook now chairs advisory board for Chinese economics school


Cook named panel chairman at Chinese U
Tim Cook on his first day chairing an advisory panel on economics for China's top university.
Screenshot: QJQ/Twitter

The agenda for Apple CEO Tim Cook’s trip to China last week included more than a meeting with the country’s top market regulator.

One day after the meeting, Cook became the new chairman of an advisory board for the economics school at Tsinghua University in Beijing.

Trick or treat? 16-inch MacBooks could arrive before Halloween


16-inch MacBook Pro concept
A 16-inch MacBook Pro, which might look something like this, could be arrive soon.
Concept Art: Viktor Kádár

The 16-inch MacBook Pro has reportedly begun shipping in volume, indicating the much-anticipated Apple laptop could arrive later this month

October has just 10 days remaining and rumors about a 16-MacBook have kept us guessing for most of this year. Some reports said to expect an October announcement. Others said it would be delayed until 2020.