11 awesome iOS 11 features Apple didn’t bother to mention


The best gesture in iOS 11 isn't just for iPad.
The best gesture in iOS 11 isn't just for iPad.
Photo: Apple

Developers just got an early preview of Apple’s upcoming iOS 11 update for iPhones and iPads today during the company’s WWDC 2017 keynote in San Jose.

The new update packs some huge new features that make iOS more powerful and easier-to-use than ever. Apple’s update is so jam packed that some of the best new additions didn’t even get some stage time at WWDC.

Before leaving the stage during his WWDC presentation for iOS 11, Apple’s software guru Craig Federighi flashed a quick slide that listed dozens of new features that he didn’t have time to cover.

Here’s the best new features Apple didn’t mention:
iOS 11

One-handed Keyboard

The screen size of iPhones keeps getting bigger, but our hands can only take so much. It appears that Apple has a couple of new features that make it easier to use iPhone with one hand, including a new keyboard that puts all of the keys within reach of one finger.

Screen Recording

Apple previously only allowed you to record your screen by plugging your iPhone into a Mac that runs QuickTime. With the new update, iPhone users can cut the cord and record straight in iOS.

NFC Reader Mode

The NFC chip on the iPhone has been off-limits to developers, thus preventing third-party apps from taking advantage of the tech that is standard on Android phones. By creating a new NFC Reader mode, Apple might finally be opening the door to new NFC applications.

Redesigned Podcast app

The App Store isn’t the only iOS app getting a fresh new UI. Apple is bringing big changes to the Podcast app too, making it look similar to Apple Music and Apple News.

SMS fraud extension

Users security is still a top priority for Apple. To make sure users don’t gets scammed as easily, iOS 11 adds a new fraud extension for SMS messages.

3D Touch tab switching in Safari

Now you can quickly switch between your favorite websites in Safari with a new 3D Touch menu option for switching tabs.

QR Code Support

Apple mentioned that users in China will be able to scan QR codes with the camera app, but Apple’s slide indicates the feature might be available on all iOS 11 devices.

Searchable News

Don’t want to wade through Apple’s endless list of news stories? There’s now a Spotlight tab in the Apple News app to make getting your info fix much quicker.

Business Chat preview

Enterprise users are getting some love too with a new Business Chat preview. We’re still not sure how this works, but we’ll get more info once we’ve played around with the update.

One-handed zoom in Maps

Along with a ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ Mode, Apple Maps app is getting better for drivers by adding a new option to zoom in on maps using one-hand. Now you don’t have to take both hands off the wheel to figure out where you’re going.

Type to Siri

Don’t want to talk to Siri? Type to her instead. A new accessibility feature in iOS 11 lets you type queries to Apple’s digital assistant. It’s great for people that have a speech impediments or accent Siri can’t quite understand.

  • David Kaplan

    no group FaceTime :(

    • Cooper12

      Really bummed out that this was not announced.

  • judda

    Again nothing new or exciting and imagine messing up the control panel by putting icons out of my one handed grips reach. What, do I need to do work out my thumbs like I do my hips in BJJ ?

    Someone really needs to start throwing things at people ! OR perhaps stop messing about with new buildings or building trainers until Tim get the basics right with IOS before I jump ship.

    And for the record I was using macs before most people on here were born, so if someone like me with a house and office full of mac kit is getting seriously burnt out with Apple, then you know something’s wrong.

    • Martin Dobson

      What exactly do you want your Macs/iOS to do? You sound like you’re quick to complain but offer no insight on what you’re looking for. Surely there must be an app out there that allows you to do exactly what you’re looking for.

    • JS

      “And for the record I was using macs before most people on here were born”

      Tons of people [like millions] are like that.. wash rince and repeat. Age and time doesn’t by default make an opinion better… but I understand your position…

    • Millard Fillmore

      I feel your pain. I bought my first Mac in August 1984. BTW why are they *forcing* me to keep past Messages in the cloud? I don’t want to do that. I want to store them locally.

      • judda

        Ah I personally think that’s so they now have a single place to look at your content. You know for when bad people do the bad things.

  • mikeindc

    I got two of this email. Is it real or some scam? The x’s represent my real mane and user id.


    Thank you for using two-step verification to protect the security of your Apple ID.

    If you install the iOS 11 or macOS High Sierra public betas this summer and meet the basic requirements, your Apple ID (xxxxxxxxxx@mac.com) will be automatically updated to use two-factor authentication. This is our most advanced, easy-to-use account security, and it’s required to use some of the latest features of iOS, macOS, and iCloud.

    Once updated, you’ll get the same extra layer of security you enjoy with two-step verification today, but with an even better user experience. Verification codes will be displayed on your trusted devices automatically whenever you sign in, and you will no longer need to keep a printed recovery key to make sure you can reset a forgotten password.

    For more information, read Two-Factor Authentication for Apple ID. If you have additional questions, visit Apple Support.

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  • JS

    Will the keyboard suggestions get any better? Like adding personal words or removing annoying words?

  • Nelson Abdala

    I was hoping for a decent spell check. Is that too much to ask from Apple in 2017?