Amazon Instant Pickup offers essential items in 2 minutes or less


Amazon Instant Pickup
Instant Pickup offers "need-it-now" items in record time.
Photo: Amazon

Amazon is making last-minute shopping even more convenient with its new Instant Pickup service.

Available for free for Prime and Prime Student subscribers, the service lets you order “need-it-now” items that are available to collect in two minutes or less, including food, cold drinks, and of course, Amazon gadgets like Echo and Fire TV.

Chrome browser bug makes movie piracy even easier


Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 19.06.08
Stealing movies is simple with Chrome.
Photo: David Livshits/Alexandra Mikityuk

A worrying flaw uncovered in Google Chrome makes it even easier for pirates to download movies and TV shows from the web. Google was made aware of the issue a month ago, but the company is yet to release an update that fixes it.