Microsoft can’t even give away Windows 10


Surface Pro 4 is bigger and better in every way.
Windows 10 is almost a year old, and Windows 7 still rules.
Photo: Microsoft

I like Windows 10. There, I said it. But unfortunately for Microsoft, millions of others have no interest in it.

Despite being free for almost a year, the company’s latest upgrade hasn’t been able to put any significant dent in Windows 7’s user base. It has only just overtaken the universally despised Windows 8.1 release.

Apple’s OS X naming strategy turned around business for Yosemite National Park


Apple's so powerful it can even affect tourism.
Apple's so powerful it can even affect tourism.
Photo: Apple

If you ever want to find some evidence of just how significant Apple is these days, take a look at how it can impact upon seemingly unrelated areas — like, say, tourism.

According to a new report, following Apple’s decision to name last year’s OS X version after Yosemite national park, interest in the beloved American landmark skyrocketed.