Slack’s ‘emoji reactions’ make your co-workers awesome

Slack now lets you react to a message with an emoji, any one of the 722.
Photo: Slack

Slack is ingraining emojis even deeper into your work environment whether you like it or not. Users were already able to send emojis casually while chatting, but now anyone can specifically react to messages in Slack with emojis. It’s pretty easy to get creative with this, and it’s sure to spice up the chat with your co-workers.

Amazon Snubs The App Store, Makes MP3 Store Available Through Mobile Safari


Amazon has today launched a new web app for the iPhone and iPod touch that allows users to purchase more than 22 million tracks directly from the retail giant’s MP3 store. Amazon says the HTML5 app has been optimized to work seamlessly inside Apple’s mobile Safari browser, and any music you purchase will be transferred instantly to your Cloud Player library.

Instagram Starts Rolling Out New Facebook-Like Web Profiles


Screen Shot 2012-11-05 at 2.31.50 PM

Instagram has started rolling out new web profiles for its 100+ million users today. Like a Facebook account page, you can view all of the photos and info from a specific Instagram user at a dedicated web URL, i.e.,

Instead of only being able to view an account in its entirety in the native Instagram app, you can now browse and follow other users on the desktop by clicking shared photo links you see on Twitter and Facebook.