QuickWiFi Web App Allows You To Share Your Network Credentials The Easy Way


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Install this theme yourself: http://brdrck.me/wifi/theme/vue

Jeff Broderick, the designer behind the beautiful iOS Settings Home screens shortcuts we detailed weeks ago, has released a new web app for easily sharing a secured network with multiple users. QuickWiFi is a simple web interface that lets you distribute your network credentials with others via a verified WiFi profile.

With QuickWiFi, you no longer need to give everyone on your network a SSID and password. You can create a unique URL that others can use to gain access to your network — no password required. If you want to keep your network secure from the outside but also offer an easy way for your friends to join, this is the perfect tool.

To get started, visit https://brdrck.me/wifi/ on your iOS device or Mac. Enter your network credentials and create your custom URL for sharing. Once your profile is created and an email is sent with your unique URL, you can customize the look and feel of your landing page with a little CSS. When you have your URL ready to go, you can send it to your friends and anyone with the link can login into your network on their iOS device or Mac without needing your password.

While the every day practicality of QuickWiFi may be minimal for most, there are several instances where such a tool could prove to be very useful. If you’re running a conference or having a lot of people gather in one place, sending a short URL around can be much easier than dictating your complex network password. You could send your URL to someone before they visit so that they can install the profile and get right on the network when they arrive.

QuickWiFi is a simplistic tool that solves an annoyance many have had to face. Props to Jeff Broderick for getting this off the ground.

  • prof_peabody

    It sounds good, but there is a big trust issue here.  The end user has literally no way to know if this is really secure or not.  Given the many bugs in this kind of stuff even when Apple implements it themselves, I would not trust “some guy who made an app” to have a really secure solution.  

  • ??nD ??os??A

    This is a nice idea, but horrible in practice. I just created a fake SSID and password and downloaded a .mobileconfig file created with this tool and the password and SSID are stored in the clear. 
    While Jeff may be a great guy and honest too, he is building database of SSIDs, passwords, emails and IP addresses.  This is ripe for a hacker to want to steal. 
    I do like Jeff’s style and programming though.  

  • Mike Rathjen

    But, but, the screen shot shows a little green check and says “verified”. That means I’m safe, right?!?

  • David Fielder

    I can’t believe Cult of Mac would even post this article. 

  • Phill Pafford

    Would be nice to post the source or a github branch