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Playboy Reveals All on iPad as Promised



It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for since the iPad first launched in April 2010. It’s the reason we all stood in line for a day to get our hands on one. And it’s the reason why the iPad has been such an overwhelming success all over the world. Yes, I’m talking about Playboy magazine… which is now available on your tablet.

As promised by its founder on numerous occasions, Playboy is now available in all its glory on the iPad, but not in the form of an application as we were expecting.

Instead of trying to wriggle its way around Apple’s strict application approval process – which would no doubt have ensured that you wouldn’t see the slightest bit of nipple by the time it reached your device – Playboy has shunned the App Store and created its own web app.

By visiting on an iPad and signing up to an $8 per month subscription, users can enjoy unlimited access to every single issue of Playboy magazine all the way back to 1953.

Hugh Hefner, Playboy’s founder, announced on Twitter back in May that his magazine would arrive on the iPad “complete & uncensored,” and left us questioning how it would get into the App Store. It may come a day later the the May 18th release that Hugh had initially promised, but so what, it’s here and what more could we ask for?

Now, where’s my iPad…