Playboy Reveals All on iPad as Promised


  • ALi

     Job’s said they take porn very seriously.. that’s what done it… lol

  • Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira


    Is PB magazine porn?

    I think it is about literature and eroticism.
    Not very ARTY of course …
    More pin up kinda thing.

    But NOT porno.
    Porno is what you do with yr partner.

  • Thiswayup999

     I don’t believe that Playboy should be classed as Porn. 

    It is Art

    I don’t get wood while I’m reading Playboy Magazine so it can’t be Porn.

  • Ken Hughes

     Sweet! Now I can reminisce about all the sneaking into dad’s secret stash under the bed…and the ass-whoopings that followed. :) 

  • Flounderteeth


    There was a reason your dad kept the Playboy magazines hidden away.  The question shouldn’t be “is this great for you as a grown man to have access to porn on your ipad?” … but it should be “is it good for your kids to have easy access to it?”  To their credit, it does requires a credit card account.

    Playboy is porn though (it is mild, but it is …), and it is a first step toward stuff that can be highly addictive and destructible.  [Porn = pornography … ‘graphy’ means ‘graphic’ because men are aroused and drawn into things visually].  Four months ago I watched a friend of mine have his marriage and life fall apart because of his addiction to porn on the internet.  The end losers were the four kids (his wife really didn’t over react – it progressed that badly).

  • Anon

    Very interesting.  They won’t even have to pay Apple’s 30% cut.

    I wonder if this could be a possible avenue for getting Japanese ero-games (visual novels) onto the device.  I’m sure you could get them to run in a web browser format.  The only challenge would be saving your data, but I’m sure they could work out a password based save like the old Mega Man games used to do.

  • Jv

    Wow, nice etymology. You make that up yourself?

    Porn = prostitute. Graphy = to write. Pornography = “description of prostitutes”.

  • ALi

    Orit… i take my words back… lol 

  • Ken Hughes

    Wait…what? The etymology of “pornography” is “graphic pornography”? Warning: recursive etymology.

    Oh and sorry about your friends marriage. :(

  • Anonymous

    Drugs, absolutely.  Alcohol, sure.  I’ll even buy that video games can be addictive.  But I can’t believe that someone would be pulled to porn enough to wreck a marriage as much as pushed into it by the existing problems and neglect of their partner.  In other words, the only way you pick porn over sex is if you have no desire to have sex with the person in question… porn doesn’t do that on its own, and people who blame it are just using it as cover for their own inadequacies.

  • Guppyskipper

    It is oh, so subtle, be it eventually leads to a more intense desire for more…that’s how men’s brains work. PBs soft poems leads one to a search for harder stuff. Flounderteeth is right…don’t fool yourself…it can wreck a marriage in time.