Tim Cook To Attend Sun Valley Conference This Week


Apple CEO Tim Cook is on the list of guests expected to attend the annual Sun Valley conference in Idaho this week.

The conference is held by New York-based investment bank Allen & Co., and hosts over 300 industry leaders participate in panels on politics, business, tech and more over a four day period. It’s basically a place for some of the most powerful business people in the U.S. to figure out how to become more powerful as they hangout and try to strike up business deals.

Weeks Before Facebook Acquired Instagram, Twitter Nearly Bagged It For $525 Million



Late last week, Instagram — now owned by Facebook — confirmed it had disabled Twitter integration, and the ability for users to see Instagram “cards” or previews in their timelines. While it’s not a massive issue for Twitter users, who will still gets links to Instagram photos, it marks the first major breakdown between the two social services since the Facebook acquisition.

But things could have been very different. Weeks before Facebook bought Instagram, Twitter was close to acquiring the photo sharing service for just $525 million.

Facebook In Talks To Buy Popular Cross-Platform Messenger WhatsApp [Rumor]


WhatsApp could be the next item on Facebook's shopping list.

Following its acquisition of Instagram earlier this year, Facebook is said to be eyeing up another popular service. Cross-platform messenger WhatsApp could be the next item on the social network’s shopping list as the company looks to extend its mobile presence, according to sources close to the matter.