Tim Cook To Attend Sun Valley Conference This Week



Apple CEO Tim Cook is on the list of guests expected to attend the annual Sun Valley conference in Idaho this week.

The conference is held by New York-based investment bank Allen & Co., and hosts over 300 industry leaders participate in panels on politics, business, tech and more over a four day period. It’s basically a place for some of the most powerful business people in the U.S. to figure out how to become more powerful as they hangout and try to strike up business deals.

John Malone, aka “The King of Cable” is expected to be one of the most popular attendees this year as his company, Liberty Media, has been trying to buy Time Warner Cable along with its recent investment in Charter Communications.

The conference starts on Tuesday and will closes Friday afternoon. Media companies are expected to make more deals than ever at the event this year thanks to the improving economy and you can be sure Tim Cook will be in the middle of it all trying to get better content deals for the Apple TV.

Tim Cook also made an appearance at last year’s event and was one of the more popular tech figures in attendance as Apple’s top executives are rarely seen at such conferences. Other notable  attendees include Rupert Murdoch, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Sergey Brin, Larry Page, Eric Schmidt and Disney CEO Bob Iger.


Source: Reuters