Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Replaces Tim Cook As Highest-Rated CEO



Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has replaced Tim Cook as the highest-rated CEO in tech, according to employee approval ratings on Glassdoor. Cook’s 97% approval rating from 2012 has dropped down to 93%, which takes him from first position all the way down to 18th. Zuckerberg now has an impressive 99% approval rating.

Cook continues to feature in Glassdoor’s Top 50 Highest-Rated CEOs list, but he has now dropped out of the top ten, despite only losing five percentage points. It also takes him below predecessor Steve Jobs’s 95% rating.

Zuckerberg gained 14 percentage points this year, having earned an 84% approval rating in 2012, which takes him to the top of the board. SAP’s co-CEOs, Bill McDermott and Jim Hagemann Snabe, were also awarded a 99% approval rating by their employees, giving them the number two spot.

Here’s what the top ten looks like:

  1. Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) — 99%
  2. Bill McDermott and Jim Hagemann Snabe (SAP) — 99%
  3. Frank D’Souza (Cognizant) — 96%
  4. Joe Tucci (EMC2) — 96%
  5. Paul E. Jacobs (Qualcomm) — 95%
  6. Larry Page (Google) — 95%
  7. Mark B. Templeton (Citrix) — 95%
  8. Marc Benioff (Salesforce) — 94%
  9. Jen-Hsun Huang (NVIDIA) — 94%
  10. Jeff Bezos (Amazon) — 93%

GigaOM suggests Cook’s new rating indicates that, after 18 months on the job, his “honeymoon period” with employees has come to an end. However, Cook has introduced a number of company perks since taking over from Jobs, including charitable contribution matching, better product discounts, and sabbaticals for personal projects.

It’s also worth noting that Cook may not have dropped so far down in the rankings had other CEOs not achieved such high ratings. Google’s Larry Page, for example, has held a 95% rating since 2012, yet he still dropped down the table three places from number three to number six as other CEOs came up.

Via: GigaOM

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