Google’s mesh router might fix your Wi-Fi problems


Eero monitors things like network throughput and interference, adjusting itself automatically.
Google Wifi will be a lot like Eero.
Photo: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

Your home’s Wi-Fi could soon be powered by Google, according to a new report that claims the search engine giant plans to get into the router business next month.

Instead of competing head-on with Apple’s AirPort Express, the new Google router will supposedly bring a slew of smart features to the home, allowing users to pair two or more routers together to fix your home’s shoddy Wi-Fi coverage.

Wearable tech? This jacket lets you wear all your tech


This guy happens to have a MacBook on his person.
This guy happens to have a MacBook on his person.

The hoodie that allowed you to thread your earbuds through a special sleeve near the collar seemed as cool as that first-generation iPod. It was a true technical jacket.

Clothing company SCOTTeVEST makes that hoodie seem as vintage as your great-, great-, great- granddaddy’s buckskin jacket. It’s latest quilted jacket features 29 pockets for all gadgets, including a MacBook, yet keeps the silhouette bulge-free.

Parody video shows new use for Samsung’s Note 7 as mobile meat griller


You should buy this phone.
Cooking meat? That's something the iPhone can't do.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Poor old Samsung: not only did was it forced into rushing out its Galaxy Note 7 by Apple’s iPhone release schedule, or to undergo the humiliation of doing a mass recall of one of its better-reviewed handsets, but now people are poking fun at it, too!

A new parody video from Taiwan shows how the once critically acclaimed Note 7 can be repurposed as a mobile device for cooking meat — provided you’ve got the necessary aluminum foil smartphone case, that is.

Check out the video below.