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Mujjo makes the best iPhone 13 leather wallet case [Review]


Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 13 review
Mujjo’s iPhone 13 leather wallet case is slim and saves the hassle of carrying a separate wallet.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

The Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 13 shields your valuable handset while also giving you an easy way to carry your credit cards and driver’s license. Plus, it looks gorgeous while doing so.

Here’s why I love this case. Despite a notable drawback.

SurfacePad iPhone 12 case stores credit cards without interrupting MagSafe charging


Twelve South SurfacePad iPhone 12 case stores credit cards without interrupting MagSafe charging
The SurfacePad wraps an iPhone 12 in leather and provides slots for two cards. All without getting in the way of MagSafe charging.
Photo: Twelve South

The Twelve South SurfacePad is a folio leather wallet case for iPhone 12. It’s designed to hold ID and credit cards and protect the handset’s screen. And it does so without interfering with MagSafe wireless charging.

This super-slim iPhone MagSafe wallet is also a nifty stand [Review]


Moft Snap-on Stand & Wallet for iPhone 12 Series review
The Moft Snap-on Stand & Wallet for iPhone 12 Series is svelte even holding an Apple Card and a drivers license.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Accessories that take on more than one task are the best. Like Moft’s clip-on iPhone wallet that’s also a stand. It can hold three cards, but is very slender. And it uses magnets to cling tightly to the handset.

I tested the Moft Snap-on Stand & Wallet for weeks, so I can share what it’s really like in daily use.

Mujjo makes one of the best iPhone 11 leather wallet cases [Review]


Mujjo Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 11 can be all you need to carry around.
Mujjo Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 11 comes in these colors, and more too.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Everyone should use an iPhone case, and practically everyone needs to carry a wallet. Consider combining those two necessities with the Mujjo Leather Wallet Case. Updated for the iPhone 11 series, it remains just as beautifully slim-but-practical as its predecessors.

I’ve used this wallet case for weeks. Learn how well it survived daily use in my full review.

Ullu Pocket Wallet wraps your iPhone XS in luxurious leather [Review]


Treat yourself with 20% off everything.
Photo: Adel Neal/Cult of Mac

When you spend upwards of $1,000 on a smartphone, you shouldn’t rely on a $3 case to keep it safe. You should protect your investment by lavishing it in luxurious leather that keeps (almost) every inch of it suitably covered up.

That’s what I did with the gorgeous Ullu Pocket Wallet.

Handcrafted from Italian calf leather, this case carries your iPhone and credit cards in a compact, stylish package that won’t weigh you down. It protects your handset from scratches, scuffs, and dirt without getting in your way.

It’s also on sale right now — and you should get your own.

Travel light and look good doing it with Italian leather iPhone wallet cases


Wally takes style and functionality to the next level.
Wally takes style and functionality to the next level.
Photo: Kristal Chan/Cult of Mac

You’re grabbing a drink with friends or heading out to the bars for a night of fun, and the last thing you want is to worry about your cards and cash all night. Plus, there’s nothing worse than having your phone, keys and wallet jingling and jumbling around your pockets while you’re trying to bust a move on the dance floor (yikes).

Whether you’re bar hopping or just needing to travel light and worry-free, carry your valuables safely and compactly with Ullu’s premium leather Wallet Cases for iPhone.

Three attached pockets allow you to carry credit cards, cash and ID with ease. Choose from nine gorgeous Italian leather options. These cases are practical and powerful, well worthy of your stunning iPhone.

5 awesome cases to keep your iPhone X safe and stylish


iPhone X case roundup
Looking for a new case for your iPhone X? We've got you covered.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

At $1,000, the iPhone X is as expensive as it is attractive. That’s not so great should the worst happen, since replacing the screen alone will cost around $300.

Since I’ve had mine, it’s practically lived in a case. In today’s video, I’m sharing some of my favorite iPhone X cases so far — ranging from the stylish to the extra-durable. Check them out below.

The quest for the perfect leather iPhone wallet case


Edward Field blue Libby
Small-batch iPhone wallet case maker Edward Field gets colorful with its new Libby line.
Photo: Edward Field

SAN FRANCISCO — Teddy Winthrop is into leather. Like, way into it. In the year since he launched Edward Field, his high-end iPhone wallet case company, he’s been obsessing over ways to make his leather cases sleeker, more functional and more straight-up appealing to the humans who use them.

“It’s weird,” he told Cult of Mac while discussing the mission of his company, which launches a new line of products today. “I never thought I’d be passionate about wallets.”

iPhone-hugging leather case won’t go soft around the edges


This one should last and last without dropping your cards out.
This one should last and last without dropping your cards out.
Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

Best List: Leather Wallet Case 80° for iPhone 6s Plus by Mujjo

If there’s one thing about leather iPhone cases, it’s that while they wear nicely and look great when distressed, they tend to get a little floppy. The last leather iPhone case I put on my iPhone 6 Plus went all soft and let my ATM card and driver’s license fall out, forcing me to take a trip to the DMV and the bank to get replacements.

That won’t be the, well, case with this upgraded leather wallet case from Mujjo. Its molded-plastic base snuggles my iPhone 6 Plus, while its stiff, stitched pocket keeps my cards safely ensconced without too much give.

Get yourself organized with this classy, stashy iPhone wallet case


Moshi's wallet case can turn chaos into magic.
Photo: Traci Dauphin/Cult of Mac

Best List: Overture wallet case by Moshi

I love wallet cases. I love the convenience of carrying everything together in one place. For over a year, I’ve exclusively used Overture folio-style wallet cases by Moshi — first a Sahara Beige model, now a Steel Black one.

I love the new one even more, because black goes with everything.