iPhone-hugging leather case won’t go soft around the edges


This one should last and last without dropping your cards out.
This one should last and last without dropping your cards out.
Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

Best List: Leather Wallet Case 80° for iPhone 6s Plus by Mujjo

If there’s one thing about leather iPhone cases, it’s that while they wear nicely and look great when distressed, they tend to get a little floppy. The last leather iPhone case I put on my iPhone 6 Plus went all soft and let my ATM card and driver’s license fall out, forcing me to take a trip to the DMV and the bank to get replacements.

That won’t be the, well, case with this upgraded leather wallet case from Mujjo. Its molded-plastic base snuggles my iPhone 6 Plus, while its stiff, stitched pocket keeps my cards safely ensconced without too much give.

Mujjo’s Leather Wallet Case 80° is ultra-slim; it hugs my iPhone 6 Plus tight, making it feel like the slimmest iPhone wallet case I’ve ever used. There’s a version for the iPhone 6s, too, which will make owners of smaller (newer) iPhones super-happy.

The cases comes in tan, black and gray vegetable-tanned leather that feels buttery-smooth in your hand and helps your phone slide easily into a front or back pocket. The card slot is stitched to the rear of the case with a chunky thread that really sets it off nicely. The slot is set at an 80-degree angle (hence the name) to keep your cards in tight, even after the leather eventually stretches and wears. The Mujjo logo is pressed into the leather at the bottom of the card carrier section, giving the whole case a nice, classic feel.

The molded plastic inner section cradles your iPhone in soft suede as you slide it in; the hard plastic on the edges keeps it from succumbing to wear and tear from your jeans pocket or backpack, while still protecting your iPhone from drops and such.

I’ve been using the Leather Wallet Case 80° from Mujjo ever since I got it; it’s become an essential part of my kit when I need to take three or four cards (or a bit of cash) with me. Slimming down my wallet has been a personal goal for a long while, and this delightful new leather case looks to be a permanent solution.

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