Get yourself organized with this classy, stashy iPhone wallet case


Moshi's wallet case can turn chaos into magic.
Photo: Traci Dauphin/Cult of Mac

Best List: Overture wallet case by Moshi

I love wallet cases. I love the convenience of carrying everything together in one place. For over a year, I’ve exclusively used Overture folio-style wallet cases by Moshi — first a Sahara Beige model, now a Steel Black one.

I love the new one even more, because black goes with everything.

What I like most about the Overture wallet case is its generous storage. It has four card slots. You can cram more than one card in each slot, but if you put in three or more you risk stretching it out (which can lead to your cards falling out). Two additional slots hold cash and/or receipts. I carry my driver’s license, my debit card, a credit card and put my emergency auto card and health card in the final slot. That’s all I need.


I never used a wallet before the Overture. My cards were shoved in my pocket or sitting at the bottom of my large purse, and I’ve lost more of them than I care to admit. I’ve also lived through some embarrassing moments holding up store lines while searching for my card. Getting into the habit of putting my cards back into the Overture’s slot took some conditioning, but the payoff in saved time and energy has been monumental.

The case itself is nice looking. It’s sleek and weatherproof, so water and dirt can be wiped off without ruining it. A small strip of microfiber lining on the outside adds a soft contrast to the sleek exterior. The Overture’s shatter-proof polycarbonate frame means it’s protective. I’ve dropped my phone many times and it’s still going strong.

Even though the frame will safeguard your iPhone, it’s still thin, which means charging cables will fit. You don’t need to remove the case to take photos, either: Every button on your phone is accessible. Flip your phone and the case turns into a stand for watching videos.

One final bit of cleverness: Carrying a phone in a case with cards touching it can get your screen dirty, so Moshi‘s designers made a small, square washable cleaning cloth that detaches from the wallet to help keep your phone free from fingerprints and smudges. Handy!

I highly recommend the Overture case. It’s stylish, functional and I receive many compliments on it.

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