5 awesome iPhone X cases to keep your pricey phone safe and stylish

5 awesome cases to keep your iPhone X safe and stylish


iPhone X case roundup
Looking for a new case for your iPhone X? We've got you covered.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

At $1,000, the iPhone X is as expensive as it is attractive. That’s not so great should the worst happen, since replacing the screen alone will cost around $300.

Since I’ve had mine, it’s practically lived in a case. In today’s video, I’m sharing some of my favorite iPhone X cases so far — ranging from the stylish to the extra-durable. Check them out below.

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Best iPhone X cases

Whether you want a wallet-style case to stash a couple credit cards or a super-protective cover to guard against drops and scuffs, you’ve got plenty of great iPhone X cases to choose from. I’ve tested all these. They’re all high-quality, and they all bring something special in terms of functionality, style or protection.

Mujjo leather iPhone X cases

Mujjo leather iPhone X case
Mujjo’s leather offerings are pure luxury.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of mAC

My favorite cases to date, bar none, are the leather cases from Mujjo. There are a few different styles and colors available, with my go-to being the black and olive full leather cases.

The snug-fitting cases are made of molded plastic, then wrapped in premium full-grain leather. I’ve used a few cases from Mujjo in the past. They age really nicely, which is why I prefer these leather cases. If you scratch or knock them, it just adds character. They also stay true to the iPhone X’s form factor, following the curves perfectly and keeping the phone super-slim.

Inside, the cases are lined with fine microfiber material, which prevents the phone from picking up any scratches when installing or removing them. The buttons are covered in leather, which makes them look super-sleek and results in a nice, tactile finish. The chamfered finish of the cases’ cutouts for the camera lens and mute button show the level of detail Mujjo goes to.

The cases also offer a bit of protection for the screen by adding a 1mm lip, so you should be fine to place the phone screen side down. The Mujjo cases range from $52 $58 depending on whether you go for the regular cases or the slightly more expensive, yet more functional, wallet cases.

Compared to Apple’s leather cases, I’d say Mujjo’s are actually an improvement as they’ve lasted me longer in the past. It doesn’t hurt that they age like a nice pair of leather gloves!

Buy from: Amazon

Speck Presidio Grip

Speck Presidio Grip iPhone X Case
You don’t need to clutch hold of your iPhone X as hard with these cases from Speck.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

If you’re a bit further up the clumsy spectrum, the Speck Presidio series might offer the perfect cases for you. They bring two layers of protection to guard against drops of up to 10 feet. A polycarbonate outer shell and a shock-absorbing barrier help disperse the energy of a drop.

On the back of the Speck Presidio case, rubber ridges add extra grip, no matter how awkwardly you hold your iPhone X. The rest of the case is composed of textured matte plastic which is scratch-resistant, meaning if you drop your phone a lot, the case should stand up to a bit of a beating. Especially handy if you like to leave your keys in the same pocket as your phone.

The case covers all the edges of the iPhone, with cutouts for the camera, mute switch, speakers and Lightning port. Despite its tough construction, it’s still nice and flexible, which helps make life a whole lot easier taking the case on and off.

A raised bezel on the front of the case protects your iPhone X screen from drops and when you place it screen-side down. However, if you’re still worried, you could consider adding a screen protector. The Presidio Grip comes in three different color combinations, plus a glitter version.

I personally love the feel of this case. I’ll probably switch to it the most when I want a change from the Mujjo cases or just need a little more protection.

Buy from: Amazon

Lux Armor Classic

Lux Armor Classic iPhone x cases
This case is so minimal, you’d miss it at first glance.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

If you want a case that’s ultra-minimal and costs less than $25, look no further than the Lux Armour Classic. These cases are completely free of branding and come in six different colors. The jet black I have adds to the sleek look of the iPhone X.

The first thing I noticed picking up these cases is just how light and thin they are. They are less than 1mm thin and weigh about as much as a sheet of paper — essentially adding no bulk or weight. It makes the iPhone X feel different, but in a good way. The cases are covered in what the company calls an “ArmorSecure” coating. This gives the cases a soft touch, but also adds a little extra grip and prevents the case from picking up dirt and fingerprints.

While the case is ultra-thin, it’s engineered to offer some protection. It’s shock-resistant, thanks to the tiny slits in the bottom corner of the case. When you drop your phone, it allows the case to bend, compress or contract so the shock does not transfer through to the device.

This case is the perfect entry for minimalism, while protecting every edge of the iPhone. At $24, it’s a steal.

Buy from: Lux Armour

Shieldon Plateau

Shieldon Plateau iPhone X cases
This Shieldon case is protective yet still sleek.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

The Shieldon Plateau is one of the more durable cases in this roundup, and it’s also the cheapest. It’s one of the bulkiest cases around. Raised bezels around the screen, camera and ports protect your iPhone X from scratches and dirt.

The case comes in two parts: a soft and absorbent TPU inner liner and a harder polycarbonate cover. The plastic outer piece protects the corners and back of the phone, while the softer lining absorbs knocks and drops. (It also supposedly disperses heat from the phone, thanks to the texture of the material, but I’ve not had any heat problems with the iPhone X, so I can’t back up this claim up.)

The flexible TPU material protects the buttons, but they feel exactly the same and the clicks don’t get dulled.

Shieldon also offers a lifetime replacement warranty for any problems that haven’t been created by the user. What’s more, the company has been nice enough to send us a coupon code for Amazon so you can pick the case up for just over $10. For a $2 discount on Amazon, use code STES02 at checkout.

Buy from: Amazon

Apple silicone case

Apple silicone iPhone X case
Apple’s silicone cases are always on point.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Last but not least is the Apple silicone case. With pretty much each and every iPhone, I’ve picked up one of these. They always feel satisfying in the hand. They’re not the most protective, or the best bang for your buck, but they always look and feel great.

Apple offers a huge variety of colors for its silicone iPhone X cases. This time, I went with Olive, which actually looks more gray. (That’s what I wanted because it matches my gray Apple Watch band).

The buttons are all covered by the Apple silicone case. It adds grip as well as some protection to the screen (thanks to a lip around the front). This simple case gets everything right. There’s not much more to say about it, really: If you’ve used one with another iPhone in the past, you’ll know how nice they are to use.

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Got a favorite iPhone X case?

Those are my picks for some of the best iPhone X cases on the market. Are there any good ones I’ve left off the list? Let us know what cases you’re using in the comments below.

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