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Jon Favreau creating virtual dinosaurs for upcoming Apple AR/VR headset


Jon Favreau creating virtual dinosaurs for upcoming Apple AR/VR headset
Dinosaurs in augmented reality would look awesome.
Concept: Cult of Mac/Ian Zelbo

Imagine standing in your backyard and looking up at a full-size Tyrannosaurus rex. That’s the possibility raised by a report that Apple asked producer Jon Favreau to turn his Prehistoric Planet docuseries into augmented reality or virtual reality. The project is supposedly for the AR/VR headset Apple will launch soon.

Apple also reportedly recruited other film and TV directors to create content, too.

Apple shows off AR/VR headset to board of directors


This Apple VR headset concept
The Apple AR/VR headset headset might jump from concept to reality very soon.
Concept: Antonio De Rosa
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Although Apple’s VR/AR headset is still supposed to be a secret project, the company’s board of directors reportedly got a look at the device recently. This could be a sign the product is moving close to a release.

The long-rumored headset — which supposedly will offer both virtual reality and augmented reality capabilities — might be unveiled as soon as Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June.

Apple might be forced to push VR/AR headset back to 2023


Apple mixed reality headset
It probably won't look anything like this.
Photo: Vu Hoang/Flickr CC

One of the most hotly anticipated products of 2022 could be delayed until 2023, according to an unconfirmed report. Apple’s VR/AR headset might not be announced until late this year and not ship until next year.

Mechanical and software problems reportedly delayed the device, which supposedly will offer both virtual reality and augmented reality capabilities.

Apple VR headset won’t create a full metaverse


Don’t expect the Apple VR headset to be the first step in re-creating Ready Player One by delivering a full metaverse.
Don’t expect the Apple VR headset to be the first step in re-creating Ready Player One.
Photo: Warner Bros. Entertainment

While Apple is creating a VR headset, it’s reportedly not developing a complete virtual world for users. It plans on virtual reality games, video and other experiences. But these supposedly won‘t be connected into a single VR metaverse.

That sets it apart from Meta (formerly Facebook), which does hope to create a virtual world it controls.

About those Apple VR headset renders … [The CultCast]


CultCast podcast: About those Apple VR headset renders ...
Looks pretty slick, but would you wear one?
Image: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

This week on Cult of Mac’s podcast: New renders give us an even better vision of what Apple’s mixed-reality headset might look like. We’re still not convinced we’ll be wondering around with these things strapped to our heads — especially if they cost $3,000. However, we must admit that the concept art by Ian Zelbo does look pretty cool.

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Apple’s first AR/VR headset might look like ski goggles


Apple’s first AR/VR headset might look like ski goggles
Information supposedly leaking from Apple indicates the Apple AR/VR headset will look a lot like this.
Photo: RendersByIan

A concept artist took the rumors about an upcoming Apple augmented reality and virtual reality headset and turned them into a possible design for a product that could be unveiled in 2022.

This model is undeniably bulky, but but less so than rival Oculus, Valve and Sony versions.

Apple readies processor to power future VR headset


A Apple VR headset is an Open secret, as demonstrated by a recent patent filing.
An illustration from a recent Apple patent filing shows a possible VR headset.
Graphic: Apple

Apple is almost ready to send the chip that’ll be at the heart of its virtual reality headset to production, according to an unconfirmed report. That’s a big step in the product reaching customers’ hands.

HoloVista takes VR iPhone gaming to a beautifully surreal new high


‘HoloVista’ debuted Wednesday on the iPhone App Store.
Use virtual reality to explore an opulent but very strange mansion in HoloVista.
Screenshot: Aconite

The drawback to virtual reality gaming on an iPhone is it requires players to look at the world through their handset’s screen. Rather than try to escape that limitation, the new VR game HoloVista embraces it.

The player takes on the role of a character who’s also looking at the world through their iPhone. But what they’re seeing is a strange mansion they’ve been asked to photograph.

VR headsets, Bluetooth headphones and more [Week’s Newest Deals]


From VR headsets and Bluetooth earbuds to a lifetime of cloud storage and downloadable YouTube videos, check out the best new deals this week.
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Say goodbye to winter and hello to these great new deals on gear and gadgets in the Cult of Mac Store. This week, we’ve got a terabyte of super-secure cloud storage for life, a way to save your favorite streaming videos, a versatile VR headset, and a set of boss Bluetooth earbuds.

Better yet, everything’s massively discounted!

360-degree videos debut on Apple TV


Immersive 360-degree videos are now available to fourth-gen Apple TV owners.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Now you can watch (and explore) 360-degree videos on the new Apple TV, thanks to virtual reality network Littlstar’s free app.

The network’s new tvOS app delivers content from the likes of Showtime, Disney and PBS. It works with Apple TV’s Siri Remote, granting users the ability to control the angle used in the immersive 360-degree videos via the remote’s nifty trackpad.