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Facebook will try to convince iPhone users to let themselves be tracked


Your iPhone will soon offer a bit more privacy.
Facebook will try to talk users into hitting the “allow” button when asked if they can be tracked. Apple will add this pop-up to help users protect their privacy.
Graphic: Apple

Facebook is going to take a shot at persuading users to skip the “do not track” button that Apple will soon require iPhone application to display. The pop-up is designed to protect user privacy, but the Facebook app will offer its own pop-up screen explaining the benefits of targeted advertising before users are given the option to opt out of being tracked.

Here’s why you can’t trust App Store ‘nutrition labels’ … yet


privacy WWDC
Apple talks a lot about user privacy, but its App Store privacy “nutrition labels” need some work.
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Apple’s new privacy “nutrition labels” in the App Store might not be as useful as hoped. Spot checks by a Washington Post writer turned up applications with incorrect information.

The basic problem? Apple asked developers to describe their own privacy practices. And some of them were less than honest.

Apple forces Google’s iPhone apps to stop tracking users online


Millions in Britain wants $1000 each because they claim Google invaded their privacy
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Google’s iOS applications will comply with Apple’s App Tracking Transparency policy, according to a blog post from the company on Wednesday. That means these applications won‘t have to specifically ask users to permit the app to track them online.

Apple’s ATT policy hasn’t gone into effect yet, but it’ll give iPhone and iPad users more privacy. And it’s expected to cost advertisers billions.

Apple’s pending ‘big announcement’ fuels speculation [Updated]


There’s an Apple announcement coming January 13.
Apple is about to announce... something.
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CBS This Morning reports that Apple will make a “big announcement” on Wednesday. But what is about to be revealed remains a matter for speculation.

Unfortunately, it’s not a new product.

Update: Tim Cook announced on Wednesday a series of new Racial Equity and Justice Initiative projects, designed to fight systemic racism and advance racial equity across the U.S.

Devs could resort to workarounds to avoid iOS 14 anti-tracking feature


privacy WWDC
Privacy is a big theme for Apple.
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One of the big new features of iOS 14 is a privacy focused one that lets users know which apps are tracking them. But while it’s starting to roll out to beta users, developers are trying to find ways to continue tracking users without them necessarily being clued in.

According to a Wednesday report for the Financial Times, some devs are so concerned about the possible financial impact of Apple’s new feature that they will try and find ways around restrictions — even though being caught could result in them being booted off the App Store.

Apple delays controversial privacy change in iOS 14


iOS 14 will do a bit less to protect your privacy
iOS 14 would have let iPhone users opt out of being tracked by the applications they use.
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Apple pushed back the release of a major privacy change previously coming in iOS 14. It would have required each iPhone application to specifically ask if it can track the user for advertising purposes.

Most people are expected to deny access, which would shake up the advertising business.

Gmail for iOS can now prevent remote image tracking


Gmail iOS iPhone X
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The official Gmail app on iOS can now prevent tracking via external images.

A new update to the app brings the ability to disable automatic image loading. This makes it harder for message senders to establish whether you actually opened an email.