Make or Break needs to find a way to make surfing look more exciting [Apple TV+ recap] ★★★☆☆


Stephanie Gilmore surfs a big wave in docuseries ★★★☆☆
The surfers' skills are staggering, but the action could look better on the screen.
Photo: Apple TV+

TV+ ReviewMake or Break, Apple TV+’s surfing competition series, brings its second season to a close this week, concluding this saga of the World Surfing League’s championship.

In the final four episodes, we check in on major international players and see what shakes out as they near the end of the competition season. Though the surfers’ stories all boil down to their positions in the finals, the stakes ramp up as we near the end — and the drama on the waves becomes most exciting.

Make or Break rides a wave of human drama in second season [Apple TV+ recap] ★★☆☆


Surfer Kelly Slater catches a wave in ★★☆☆
Which surfer will reign supreme?
Photo: Apple TV+

TV+ ReviewMake or Break, Apple TV+’s surfing competition series, returns for its second season this week, throwing us right back into the personal lives and challenges facing the greatest wave riders in the world as they prepare for a world championship.

Who will be crowned the best? If that question excites you, you’ll have a fine time with this by-the-numbers surfing docuseries.

World Surf League names Apple Watch ‘official wearable’


Pro surfers won't have to strain to see and hear on-shore announcements.
Pro surfers won't have to strain to see and hear on-shore announcements.
Photo: Brent Bielmann, WSL

The World Surf League adopted Apple Watch as its official wearable Friday. The move enables pro surfers to use the water-resistant smartwatch with a certain app to track crucial metrics during competitions.

This marks the first time Apple Watch has become official equipment for a pro sport.

Surfing docuseries Make or Break should focus on the waves [Apple TV+ review]


Make or Break review Apple TV+ docuseries takes you inside the world of pro surfing.
The new docuseries takes you inside the world of pro surfing.
Photo: Apple TV+

Apple TV+’s new surfing docuseries Make or Break charts the fortunes of nearly 50 competitors as they vie for the title at the World Championship of Surfing.

You get to know the underdogs and the favorites alike in this no-holds-barred look at the dangers and excitement of a sport that doesn’t always receive the prestige treatment. This snappily edited, seven-episode docuseries will show you the ins and outs of pro surfing as the competitors hunger for the title.

It’s hardly must-see TV, but it’s diverting enough.

Apple TV+ Make or Break trailer follows top surfers’ intense competitions


Hang ten with some of the top surfers in the world.
Hang ten with some of the top surfers in the world.
Photo: Apple TV+

Apple TV+ released the first trailer Monday for Make or Break, a new seven-part documentary series that delivers behind-the-scenes access to the world’s best surfers. The series follows them as they battle for the world title at the World Surf League (WSL) Championship Tour (CT).

In the trailer, you get to briefly meet a bunch of the world’s best surfers and get a taste of the huge challenges they face.

And dude, you can’t unsee the surfboard with the big shark-bite taken out of it.

Surf’s up! Apple TV+ dives into World Surf League docuseries


Apple TV+ goes behind-the-scenes at the 2021 World Surf League championship.
Seven-time World Surf League champion Stephanie Gilmore at Honolua Bay.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s video streaming service is hitting the waves. It ordered a documentary series that offers a behind-the-scenes look at the aspirations, failures and accomplishments of the world’s best surfers as they compete in the World Surf League championship.

CaliCase lets Cult of Mac readers take their iPhones anywhere – at a 20% discount


CaliCase with lanyard
Every CaliCase comes with a lanyard to keep it safely on your person.
Photo: CaliCase

This iPhone case post is presented by CaliCase.

You never really want to be without your iPhone, do you? And that goes for any smartphone. The precious thing is going to be in your pocket or hand in almost any scenario. But you can keep it on your person in extreme conditions, too, like scuba diving and mountain climbing, thanks to the rugged wares of CaliCase.

Surf’s up in Apple’s new ‘Shot on iPhone’ short film


iPhone XS ad
The iPhone is about to get so pitted.
Photo: Apple

Cuba’s vibrant surfer culture is the star of Apple’s latest ‘Shot on iPhone’ short film. The new five minute video shows how Cubans connect with nature through surfing, even though good boards are hard to come by.

Packed with tons of gorgeous underwater shots and beautiful visuals of everyday life, ‘Ola Cubana’ will have you ready to quit life to go shred some waves on a tropical island.

“It’s a lifestyle, surf,” explains one of the guys in the film. “It brings us peace. We release energy. We have contact with nature. It has greatly improved my life.”

Come catch the vibe:

Tim Cook praises stunning shot on iPhone surfing image


Tim Cook/Twitter 2
What a stunner of an image!
Screenshot: Tim Cook/Twitter

You’d think Tim Cook would be too busy running Apple to be tweeting about surfing, but you’d be wrong. Well, kind of.

In fact, Cook tweeted over this weekend in praise of the cover of the year end issue of Surfer’s Journal magazine. The front of the mag features a dazzling bit of water-based sports photography which, you guessed it, was shot on an iPhone.

Apple goes surfing in latest watch ad


Surfs up!
Surfs up!
Photo: Apple

The Apple Watch’s improved waterproof technology is on full display in Apple’s newest ad, which catches some waves with the wearable.

Go Surf is the latest in Apple’s “Give the gift of go” series of short holiday ads that show off Apple Watch Series 2’s fitness features. The new ad is accompanied by another spot titled Go Ride that zips through the city on a bike.

Check ’em out:

iPhone 7 faces Aussie surf test at Bondi Beach


iphone 7 surfing in australia
Is iPhone 7 the ultimate action cam?
Photo: SoBadSoGood.

Apple’s waterproofing on the iPhone 7 is looking worthy of the price to upgrade alone.

I can’t count how many iPhones I’ve destroyed over the last nine years during water accidents. But after watching the iPhone 7 take a surfing lesson at Australia’s beautiful Bondi Beach, it looks like Apple totally undersold just how water-resistant the new smartphone truly is.

Watch the iPhone 7 catch waves:

Vaavud Wind-O-Meter Measures, Magically, With Magnets



Usually when we mention a Kickstarter project it’s with a mixture of excitement (because it’s like a totally cool product) and disappointment (because it will usually be at least half a year before we see a product, if ever).

However, some of these products make it into stores. The Vaavud is one. It’s a no-power wind-meter which you can buy today.

iPhone Wind Meter Handy For Surfers, Cyclists And Weather Nerds



Better than licking a finger and holding it up.

If you had any doubts that the world of iPhone accessories could grow any stranger or more diverse, then throw them out now. The Shaka Wind Meter proves that there are still plenty of depths yet to plumb.

The Shaka is a simple little gadget: a fan that plugs into the headphone socket of your iPhone and tells you the wind speed. It’s made for surfers, but has many more uses than that.