Tom Hanks thinks having his new movie debut on Apple TV+ is an ‘absolute heartbreak’


Tom Hanks in Greyhound
Hanks talks about his "Apple overlords" in new interview.
Photo: Apple TV+

Tom Hanks made a few not-so-flattering comments about the “Apple overlords” in an interview about new World War II movie Greyhound. The film, which was originally supposed to launch in theaters, was pulled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, it’s being screened on Apple TV, making its debut July 10.

In an interview with The Guardian newspaper, Hanks describes the shift to Apple TV+ as “an absolute heartbreak.” He also spills the beans on one of Apple’s slightly unusual requests for his press interviews.

Dear… is a timely reminder that we can do better [Apple TV+ review]


Oprah Winfrey reads a letter from a fan in Apple TV+ show Dear...
One episode of Dear... focuses on Oprah Winfrey.
Photo: Apple TV+

So far, the Apple TV+ shows affiliated with Oprah Winfrey (or approved by her) represent some of the streaming service’s safest offerings. And her spirit, to say nothing of her face, is all over the inspiring series Dear…

Each episode focuses on a single celebrity and the moving fan letters they receive highlighting the star’s impact on regular people. A such, it takes the form of part-biography, part-tribute to its famous subjects.

Dear… certainly does not stand out as one of the most hard-hitting journalistic exercises you’ll see. But as puff pieces go, the episodes prove both persuasive and reasonably inspiring. The show plays like a MasterClass with lessons about community building and standing up for yourself.

More than a quarter of U.S. households sampled Apple TV+ during lockdown


Apple launched its streaming TV+ service last November.
Photo: Apple

Apple TV+ reportedly made big inroads while users were stuck home during the coronavirus lockdown, a recent study by Parks Associates claims.

The research firm notes that more than two in five U.S. households with broadband have trialed a streaming video service during lockdown. A surprisingly large 8% of households have trialed four or more. Among new subscribers to TV streaming services, Apple TV+ was sampled by 27% of households, the report states.

Will Smith action film about escaping slavery heads for Apple TV+


‘Emancipation’ is coming to theaters and Apple TV+.
The man in this picture made headlines in 1863. His life is being made into Emancipation on Apple TV+.
Photo: Library of Congress

The real-life story of Peter, whose saga of escaping slavery made headlines around the world in 1863, is being made into Emancipation, a film starring Will Smith and directed by Antoine Fuqua. Apple TV+ reportedly bought the worldwide rights for more than $120 million.

Deadline, which broke the news, called it the “largest film festival acquisition deal in film history.”

Former Apple Music marketing boss Bozoma Saint John joins Netflix


Bozoma Saint John
Bozoma Saint John on stage at an Apple event in 2016.
Photo: Apple

Bozoma Saint John, the former head of global consumer marketing for Apple Music, is joining Netflix as its new Chief Marketing Officer, Deadline reports.

Saint John joined Apple with the Beats acquisition in 2014. She left Apple in 2017 to join Uber as its Chief Brand Officer, before jumping to Endeavor to become its CMO.

Apple TV+ locks in Defending Jacob‘s creator for more new shows


Chris Evans plays a conflicted district attorney in Defending Jacob on Apple TV+.
The man who brought “Defending Jacob” to Apple TV+ will develop more shows for the new streaming service.
Photo: Apple

The writer, director and showrunner of Defending Jacob reportedly agreed to a long-term deal to make additional shows for Apple TV+. Their first collaboration went so well that Mark Bomback signed a exclusive agreement with Apple.

Boys State trailer somehow makes politics look like summertime fun


First Boys State trailer makes politics look fun.
Who says politics needs to be nasty?
Image: Apple TV+

It might seem totally impossible in 2020, but upcoming Apple TV+ documentary Boys State makes politics look fun. The first trailer, which Apple released Tuesday, introduces some of the real-life young men who engage in an annual Texas tradition that’s basically summer camp for citizens.

That might sound nerdy and dry, but the first promo spot crackles with energy. It feels almost like a mashup of Election, Dazed and Confused and Napoleon Dynamite (with a little bit of Little America and, hopefully, Meatballs, thrown in to spice things up).

Apple TV+ snaps up neo-noir thriller Losing Alice


‘Losing Alice’ is coming to Apple TV+ later in 2020.
Losing Alice, coming to Apple TV+ later in 2020, takes the viewer through Alice‘s conscious and subconscious.
Photo: Apple

To ensure Apple TV+ has new shows for later this year, Apple revealed on Friday that bought the international rights to Losing Alice, an eight-episode series the company calls “a neo-noir psychological thriller.”

Kristen Bell drops out of Apple TV+ animated comedy series Central Park


Central Park is here to do exactly what focus groups say you want it to.
Apple has already ordered a second season of Central Park. Kristen Bell likely won't be in it, though.
Image: Apple TV+

Kristen Bell is dropping out of Apple TV+ animated musical comedy series Central Park, the popular Good Place star announced on social media Wednesday. Bell starred as Molly Tillerman in all 13 episodes of the first season of Central Park. The show debuted last month on Apple TV+.

Bell, whose character on the show is mixed race, said that she is stepping back so as to allow the character to be played by an actor whose race matches that of the character.