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Feel lucky? Watch the teaser trailer for Apple TV+ animated comedy Luck.


Do you feel lucky? Watch the teaser trailer for Apple TV+'s animated comedy 'Luck'
All is not going as expected in the Land of Luck.
Photo: Apple TV+

The Apple TV+ teaser trailer for the upcoming animated film Luck explains how luck really works: it’s controlled by magical creatures. The star-studded film by Skydance Animation will be about the unluckiest person in the world visiting the Land of Luck.

Watch the trailer to see more – and learn more about luck.

Things get a little too convenient this week on Tehran [Apple TV+ recap]


Tehran recap, ★★☆☆☆
Milad (played by Shervin Alenabi) and Tamar (Niv Sultan) wind up in uncomfortable situations this week.
Photo: Apple TV+

Apple TV+ show Tehran puts its second-season plot in motion this week, but the Israeli espionage drama keeps making bizarre missteps in its pursuit of pulse-pounding thrills, twists and turns.

Manjar steps into Farraz’s home in the perfect disguise, Tamar tries out her new character, Milad almost screws everything up for all of them.

Everybody’s tense and everybody’s guilty, as usual. And Tehran continues to benefit from good performances, tight editing and solid music and sound design, which keep every nail-biting scene running efficiently. But is that enough to save the show from an increasingly blinkered perspective?

Apple TV+ trailer lays out summer slate of fun shows for kids and families


Apple TV+ laid out a summer lineup of kids and family series.
Apple TV+ laid out a summer lineup of kids and family series.
Photo: Apple TV+

Apple TV+ listed its new lineup of shows and specials for kids and families set to air this summer, including new series like Duck & Goose and Best Foot Forward plus Peanuts specials and new episodes of fan-favorite shows.

The new summer lineup of kids shows will kick off in July with the first series, Duck & Goose.

You can watch a trailer all about the summer’s content and how to watch it below with Jack McBrayer from Hello Jack! The Kindness Show.

Shining Girls gets tangled up in time travel [Apple TV+ recap]


Shining Girls recap: Things get weird when you start messing around with time travel.★★☆☆
Things get weird when you start messing around with time travel.
Photo: Apple TV+

Popular new Apple TV+ series Shining Girls keeps finding new clues to the identity of its time-traveling menace Harper. Meanwhile, Kirby and her reporter co-worker Dan get closer to breakthroughs — and further from normalcy — at every turn.

Kirby must ensure she doesn’t alienate everyone in her life just when she needs them most, even as she tightens the noose around Harper. Dan just needs to make sure Kirby doesn’t come across as an unreliable witness.

Run away from Greatness Code season 2 as fast as possible [Apple TV+ review]


Greatness Code review: Scout Bassett is an amazing athlete, but this series fails to inspire.☆☆☆☆
Scout Bassett is an amazing athlete, but this series fails to inspire.
Photo: Apple TV+

Apple TV+’s most shameless cash grab is back for a truly unearned victory lap. Gotham Chopra and Co. have crafted the thoroughly un-asked-for second season of Greatness Code, the only show on TV about how great and talented athletes are.

Oh, what’s that? There are 10 million other shows about the same thing, and they’re all more involved than 10-minute interviews with competently animated interstitials and some vague notion of what makes an athlete “great”?

Well shut my mouth. Guess there’s no reason to watch this one, is there?

It’s science vs. religion in new folk horror series The Essex Serpent [Apple TV+ recap]


Tom Hiddleston in The Essex Serpent★★★★☆
Tom Hiddleston plays a holy man with a lot on his mind in the new Apple TV+ period drama.
Photo: Apple TV+

The Essex Serpent is Apple TV+’s first foray into folk horror and a welcome return to BBC-style costume dramas. Based on the book by Sarah Perry, and starring Claire Danes and Tom Hiddleston, this series holds a lot of promise in its deviously clever premise.

Shepherded by writer Anna Symon (Dark Matters: Twisted But True, Deep Water) and director Clio Barnard (The Arbor, The Selfish Giant), the series’ excellent production design and game cast make The Essex Serpent appointment television. You can watch the first two episodes Friday on Apple TV+.

Survival of the fittest at stake in Apple TV+ Physical season 2 trailer


Rose Byrne plays fitness entrepreneur Sheila Rubin in
Rose Byrne plays fitness entrepreneur Sheila Rubin in "Physical."
Photo: Apple TV+

Apple TV+ offered up a new trailer Wednesday for season two of the darkish comedy Physical, starring Rose Byrne as a pioneering entrepreneur in the 1980s fitness boom in Los Angeles.

But Byrne’s character, Sheila Rubin, faces daunting competition as her husband continues to struggle with his political career.

Ads are coming to Netflix by the end of 2022


Netflix Downloads for You puts suggested shows right onto your iPhone
The time to pay for your Netflix subscription is coming sooner than you think
Photo: Netflix

Netflix has so far shied away from showing ads on its platform, and unlike many other streaming services, it does not offer a cheaper ad-supported tier. However, that reportedly will change by the end of the year.

The streaming service is also looking to end password sharing around the same time. So, if you have been leeching off your ex-girlfriend’s Netflix account, know that it won’t last long.