Huawei on track to steal iPhone’s crown in 2019


Chinese smartphone maker Huawei is on the rise.
Photo: AndroidCentral

Apple’s biggest competitor in China could soon supplant it as the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world in terms of units shipped.

Huawei says it’s on track to ship 200 million phones by the end of 2018 after setting a blistering pace of 100 million units shipped as of July 18. That won’t be quite enough to top the number of iPhones Apple sold last year, but 2019 could be Huawei’s biggest year ever.

General Magic trailer gives peek into one of Silicon Valley’s most influential startups


The smartphone that never was.
Photo: Spellbound Productions

The documentary about the most important tech company you’ve never heard of is nearly ready to hit the big screen.

General Magic, a ‘90s startup created by some of the best minds at Apple, is getting the documentary treatment it deserves and the trailer is finally here.

Check it out:

Facebook’s scary plan to record your conversations while you watch TV


the Facebook logo on an iPhone 6 Plus
Facebook’s new patent is as worrying as it sounds.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Some believe Facebook is already using our smartphones to hear our private conversations. That’s not true, but the social network is certainly considering it.

Facebook has applied for a new patent that describes a method of tapping into our microphones to listen to our reactions to TV ads. It’s just as invasive as it sounds.

iPhone will grab more market share as Samsung falls in 2018


iPhone plus model next to iPhone X
New iPhones will require millions of new displays.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

The iPhone will gain market share as Samsung loses its grip in 2018, according to new predictions.

Apple is one of just three companies that are expected to see growth this year following weaker-than-expected smartphones sales in late 2017. TrendForce expects total handset production to grow just 2.8 percent, down from the 5 percent previously expected.

Verizon will start locking iPhones to deter theft


iPhone X
iPhone X is the only iPhone with an OLED display today.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Verizon plans to start locking all phones, including iPhones, to its network for a certain period of time. The carrier is hoping the move, which will prevent customers from using other SIM cards in Verizon devices, will help it fight theft.

Substitute Phone will never cure your iPhone addiction


Substitute Phone
It's little more than a fancy fidget spinner.
Photo: Klemens Schillinger

Spending too much time on your iPhone? You might be addicted. One designer hopes to help cure that with the Substitute Phone.

It doesn’t have iMessage or Facebook or Snapchat. It doesn’t even have a screen. Instead, it’s a block of plastic that uses stone beads to give you the touchscreen gestures you crave.

Will it really work?