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All the ways to run Windows 11 on a Mac


Windows 11 in a macOS Remote Desktop
Connect to a Windows 11 PC from Remote Desktop on your Mac.
Screenshot: Apple/Microsoft

How can you run Windows on a Mac these days? Fifteen years ago, the answer was simple: install Windows using Boot Camp. Today, you have loads of other options — even though Boot Camp itself no longer works.

You can use a virtual machine, pay to access Windows in the cloud from a web browser, use special software to get access to a couple essential apps or simply Remote Desktop in to a PC. Which path forward is right for you? I’ll run through them all.

Microsoft says Windows 11 on Apple Silicon is ‘not a supported scenario’


Windows 11 not supported on Apple Silicon. It's not surprising, but it is a shame.
It's not surprising, but it is a shame.
Photo: Dwayne/Flickr CC

Microsoft has dashed hopes that Windows 11 might one day be available on Apple Silicon machines. The company says running its newest operating system on an M1 Mac is “not a supported scenario.”

The statement comes after Parallels Desktop 17 users ran into hardware compatibility errors when running Windows 11 on newer Apple devices.

Parallels 17 brings Windows 11 support and improved gaming to Mac


Parallels 17 adds Windows 11 support
Run Windows 11 on your Mac today.
Photo: Parallels

Parallels, the excellent virtualization software that makes it easy to run Windows and other operating systems on your Mac, just got a major update that adds a whole bunch of brilliant new features.

The version 17 release adds support for Windows 11 and macOS Monterey virtual machines. It also greatly enhances gaming performance inside Windows, with big improvements to OpenGL and DirectX 11.

Parallels plans to help Macs run Windows 11


Parallels plans to help Macs run Windows 11
It’s early days for Windows 11 but you’ll someday be able to run it on your Mac.
Photo: Cult of Mac

You’ll be able to run the recently revealed Windows 11 on your Mac. Eventually. Parallels is working on adding support for Microsoft’s next operating system to its macOS app, Parallels Desktop.

It’s going to be a while, though. All that’s available from Microsoft now is a Windows 11 Insider Preview, and there’s not even an official release date for the full OS.

Run Windows 10 with great performance on Apple Silicon Macs with Parallels Desktop


Parallels Desktop 16.5 for Mac with M1 support now available.
Parallels Desktop 16.5 for Mac lets you have the best of both words: macOS and Windows.
Photo: Parallels

Parallels Desktop 16.5 for Mac debuted Wednesday, bringing full native support for computers with Apple Silicon. It allows users to run Windows 10 ARM Insider Preview and its applications on Macs with an Apple M1 processor.

Running a virtual version of Windows 10 on Apple Silicon is up to 30% faster than in an Intel-based Mac, according to Parallels. And it uses 2.5x less power.

Parallels Toolbox gets brand new tools, big improvements


Parallels Toolbox is better than ever.
Photo: Parallels

Parallels Toolbox just got a massive update on Mac that adds a whole bunch of useful new tools.

The version 3.5 release brings the ability to access clipboard history, an energy saving mode, and a sleep timer. It also allows you to hide menubar icons you don’t always need access to.

Parallels app for running Windows on a Mac gets new owner


Parallels 14 for macOS
Parallels Desktop is now owned by Corel, which hopefully be for the good of users.
Photo: Parallels

Corel Corp. has acquired Parallels Desktop, software that enables Macs to run Windows, as well as the company that produces it. This shouldn’t make fans of this app nervous, as Corel promises to make “significant investment” in the business. 

Corel is best known for its graphics applications for Windows, like CorelDRAW and PaintShop Pro. It also offers multimedia apps. And now it makes desktop virtualization software.

Score more than 30 productivity tools for your Mac [Deals]


Instantly add more than 30 top shelf utilities to your Mac for about 10 bucks a year.
Instantly add more than 30 top shelf utilities to your Mac for about 10 bucks a year.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

It pays to stock up on utilities for Mac, whether to record desktop video, clean up drives, or boost productivity. Unfortunately top shelf Mac tools also come with a cost. So this bundle of more than 30 Mac utilities for $10 a year is a can’t-miss opportunity.