Evidence mounts that next iPad Pro will boast mini-LED display


2020 iPad Pro with official wallpaper
Are you excited about the next iPad Pro?
Photo: Apple

Another report published Tuesday adds more volume to the number of stories claiming that the next-gen iPad Pro will boast a mini-LED display.

The report, from Digitimes, notes that Taiwanese company Ennostar is gearing up to begin production of mini-LED backlight units. This will reportedly start at the end of the first quarter or second quarter of 2021.

Apple’s already recruiting engineers to lay the groundwork for 6G iPhones


And you thought 5G was impressive!
Photo: Qualcomm

The iPhone 12 was Apple’s first 5G iPhone, ushering in the start of a new era of high-speed connectivity. But Apple’s already gearing up for 6G technology, even if it knows that it’s many, many years away.

As noted in a new report from Bloomberg, Apple has started posting jobs ads for wireless system research engineers who could help Apple develop and prepare for the next, next generation of cellular connectivity.

These roles are based in Silicon Valley and San Diego. Early suggestions regarding 6G speculate that it could be 100x faster than 5G.

Who needs aluminum? These insane Macs are made of ice, coal and beeswax.


This concept Mac is made of sandstone.
Is metal or plastic really the best material to make computers out of. How about sandstone?
Photo: Hank Beyer/Alex Sizemore

Concept designers are supposed to think outside of the box. Hank Beyer and Alex Sizemore created some Mac designs that are so far outside of the box you sometimes can’t tell there ever was a box. Their computers are encased in stone, ice, beeswax and other exotic materials.

Apple’s $3,000 VR headset could boast 8K display, advanced hand- and eye-tracking


Apple VR headset: If a $3,000 price tag doesn't scream
If a $3,000 price tag doesn't scream "niche product," what does?
Photo: Hammer & Tusk/Unsplash CC

Apple’s mixed-reality headset could cost around $3,000, solidifying its status as a niche luxury item, The Information claims in a new report.

The device supposedly will boast high-resolution 8K displays and some smart eye-tracking technology. Plus, more than a dozen built-in cameras could track wearers’ hand movements.

Top Apple engineer moves to mysterious new project


What is top Apple hardware engineer Dan Riccio up to now?
What is top Apple hardware engineer Dan Riccio up to now?
Photo: Apple

Dan Riccio, one of Apple’s top designers, is moving to a mysterious new role in Cupertino.

After joining Apple in 1998, Riccio worked on loads of groundbreaking products, from the first iMac to last year’s AirPods Max and the M1-powered Macs. Now, he’s become Apple’s “vice president of engineering.”

Going forward, Riccio says he will be “focusing all my time and energy at Apple on creating something new and wonderful that I couldn’t be more excited about,” according to a press release Monday.

Ditch Google for another search engine inside Safari [Pro tip]


Change default search engine in Safari
Bing, DuckDuckGo, and others are available.
Image: Cult of Mac

Safari pro tips bug We want to help you master Safari. Cult of Mac’s Safari Pro Tips series will show you how to make the most of Apple’s web browser on iOS and Mac.

Google has long been the default search engine inside Safari, but it’s not your only option. With a simple settings change, you can find what you’re looking for with Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo or Ecosia instead.

Find out how in this Safari pro tip.

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs loses ‘Man of the Year’ award to the PC


Steve Jobs was devastated by the announcement.
Photo: Time magazine

December 26: Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs loses 'Man of the Year' award to the PC December 26, 1982: Time magazine names the personal computer its “Man of the Year.”

It’s the first (and, to date, only) time a nonhuman entity wins the award, which was created in 1927. However, the award devastates Steve Jobs — because he thought the accolade would go to him.

Apple leaps to the defense of its crazy AirPods Max case


The AirPods Max case is easy to mock. But it does the job.
The AirPods Max case may look odd, but the designers point out it’s very efficient.
Photo: Apple

AirPods Max are controversial for a number of reasons. For one, there’s the $550 price tag. But the odd-looking case Apple designed for these over-the-ear headphones also drew plenty of mockery.

The designers of AirPods Max defended their creation in an interview published Thursday.

Interesting Apple Watch concept totally rethinks a basic feature


An Apple Watch concept gets complications out of the way
What if your Apple Watch face was pristine because the complications were hidden out of the way?
Screenshot: A Better Computer

Apple Watch offers watch faces that’s do much more than tell time. But a user thinks the extra snippets of information — called complications — junk up the appearance of the wearable. They created an Apple Watch concept that moves them off the display and onto the pop-up window that’s currently the Control Center.

M1 Mac mini runs Windows 10 far faster than Microsoft Surface Pro X


M1 Mac mini running Windows 10
Even with a workaround, Macs with Apple Silicon have good performance running Windows 10 for Arm.
Photo: Cult of Mac

New tests show relatively speedy performance for a Mac mini with an ARM-based Apple M1 processor running the ARM version of Windows 10. Even though the OS is running as a virtual machine, benchmarks show the device can handle X86 applications far faster than the Microsoft Surface Pro X, which also uses an ARM chip.