Avoid blowing your budget this holiday season with this app [Deals]


Get a bird's eye view of your spending without the need to sync with your bank account.
Get a bird's eye view of your spending without the need to sync with your bank account.
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It’s easy to lose track of spending during the holidays. As the gift wrapping stack up, a lot of us could use a little help keeping an eye on the bottom line. But no matter the time of year, financial discipline is something everyone can benefit from.


Apple waives developer fees for nonprofits, others in 8 additional countries
Apple's App Store cash cow may not last forever.
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Apple closes in on $1 trillion market cap


European Commission could get even tougher on tech in 2020
Warren Buffet wants to buy 100% of Apple.
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The race to become the world’s first $1 trillion company is nearly complete with Apple share prices soaring on the stock market today.

Trading of AAPL stock hit 187.60 per share during the morning trading hours today, putting the company just $55 billion under the coveted $1 trillion market cap mark.


Angry Birds
Do you have what it takes to cash in on Angry Birds?
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Tim Cook wants to see money die


Tim Cook at Apple iPhone X event
Tim Cook hates cash.
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The end of money can’t come soon enough for Apple CEO Tim Cook.

During Apple’s annual shareholders meeting today, Cook told investors that mobile payments like Apple Pay haven’t taken off quite as fast as hoped. However, he said he sees promising signs that the death of cash could soon be upon us.

Apple Pay Cash finally arrives in iOS 11.2 public beta 2


Apple Pay
You can now send friends money via iMessage.
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The future of digital payments has finally arrived on the iPhone. Sort of.

Apple’s new peer-to-peer payments system called Apple Pay Cash is finally rolling out to public beta testers today with the release of the public beta for iOS 11.2 beta 2 and watchOS 4.2 beta 2, giving iPhone and iPad users the ability to send money to each other electronically.


Google Opinion Rewards
Google Opinion Rewards pays real cash for your opinion.
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