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Holograms at CES? Samsung shows off world’s first transparent microLED displays.


Samsung transparent micro LED display
A screenshot from a video posted on X shows the transparent display in action.
Photo: Dave Snelling, @snellingD on X

Samsung showed off three transparent microLED displays at its First Look event Sunday just ahead of CES 2024 in Las Vegas, according to reports. Two of them are tinted, but the totally clear one can have an especially hologram-like effect.

Don’t get too excited, though. With no availability or pricing information available yet, it might be a while before even any rich people you know can buy these.

Apple Watch Ultra may get bigger, pricier microLED display in 2026


Apple Watch Ultra 2 diver
Think Apple Watch Ultra 2 has a big screen? Well, it's probably going to get significantly larger.
Photo: Apple

Apple Watch Ultra 2’s generously large display, expected to switch from OLED to microLED, will come out later than previously estimated, grow by 10% in size and cost more, according to a research company.

Other recent estimates pushed back the launch time frame to 2025, but now it may actually be 2026.

Yes, touchscreen Macs really might be a thing [The CultCast]


A woman points to her MacBook screen.
Steve Jobs said it would never happen, but we've heard that one before.
Image: Marek Levák/Unsplash License/Modified by Cult of Mac

This week on Cult of Mac’s podcast: Deep down inside, you know you want to give your Mac the finger. Apple might make that happen in the (somewhat) near future, according to the latest rumor. That’s right — Apple reportedly is “seriously considering” making a touchscreen MacBook. That’s enough to get us chattering!

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Apple’s in-house display could debut on the Apple Watch Ultra in 2024


Apple Store logo in Chengdu, China with two people standing in front of it
Apple wants to shift away from Samsung for its product displays.
Photo: Unsplash

Apple wants to reduce its reliance on sourcing displays for its products from Samsung and LG. So, the company is working on its own custom displays that it intends to use as early as 2024.

This would mark another move from Apple to develop more components it uses on its devices in-house.

First Apple Watch with microLED screen could be on the way


First Apple Watch with microLED screen could be on the way
A future Apple Watch Ultra might include a cutting-edge microLED screen.
Photo: Apple

Apple will bring a microLED screen to its wrist wearable, according to a reliable source of insider info. This would replace the OLED displays currently in Apple Watch.

A switch to microLED would bring an improved type of screen: brighter and less prone to burn-in.

What you need to know about 12.9-inch iPad Pro’s swanky new mini-LED display


There’s more 2021 iPad Pro RAM than in any previous Apple tablet.
The larger iPad Pro packs a mini-LED screen, but what exactly does that mean?
Photo: Apple

The new 12.9-inch iPad Pro boasts a swanky mini-LED display, making it the first Apple tablet without a traditional LCD screen.

Apple calls the mini-LED screen in the 2021 12.9-inch iPad Pro a “Liquid Retina XDR display.” The new technology brings a welcome boost to the iPad’s display quality. And it seems likely that mini-LEDs will show up in MacBook Pros and other Apple gear in the near future.

“This is the display you have to see to believe,” said iPad marketing manager Raja Bose during Apple’s mind-blowing “Spring Loaded” event on Tuesday.

But what exactly are mini-LED displays, and how do they differ from LCD or even OLED or micro-LED screens? Don’t worry: We’ve got the answers to your questions.

Apple could invest $334 million in a factory building MicroLED displays


Tired of staring at screens?
Apple is actively investigating new types of display.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

Apple could underline its interest in MicroLED displays by investing close to $334 million in a dedicated MicroLED factory in Taiwan, a Tuesday report for the Economic Daily News claims.

MicroLED is another future display technology Apple has been actively investigating for some time. While it sounds similar to the MiniLED tech rumored to play a part in many future Apple devices, it is very different.

Apple Watch may get microLED display, better battery life in 2020


new Apple customers
Apple Watch could be better than ever next year.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple Watch is expected to come with brand new display technology as soon as next year, according to a new report.

Apple is said to be in advanced talks with display makers over bringing microLED screens to its popular wearable. One advantage of the switch will be longer battery life in between charges.

Future iPhones could boast MicroLED displays


iPhone XS Max
And Foxconn wants to build them for Apple.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Apple could use next-gen MicroLED displays for a future iPhone, a new report claims.

The report claims that Foxconn, Apple’s biggest supplier, is working hard to win MicroLED orders from Apple — and the iPhone is singled out as the likely recipient.

Apple could adopt mini LED backlighting for a giant iMac


It's about time the iMac was redesigned.
Photo: Apple

Apple is expected to adopt mini LED backlighting technology this year to further improve color gamut, contrast ratio, and high dynamic range in its displays.

A brand new 31.6-inch iMac will be the first machine to offer the new display technology, sources claim. It will then make its way to the iPad and other Apple computers in 2020.

Foxconn wants a piece of Apple’s future MicroLED plans


Theater Mode finally makes its way to Apple Watch in watchOS 3.2 beta 1.
Apple is interested in MicroLED tech for future Apple Watches -- among other things.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple is reportedly going all-in on MicroLED displays, and long-time supplier Foxconn wants to get in on the action!

According to a new report, the Foxconn Group recently took a 7.32 percent share in the company Epileds Technologies, and aims to soon buy anoter 20 million shares to become its largest shareholder. Epileds is one of only a couple of Taiwan-based LED firms that have valuable RGB technological capabilities key to MicroLED technology.

Apple in talks with another supplier over futuristic MicroLED displays


watchOS 4 is great and all, but what's coming in watchOS 5?
A new Apple Watch doesn’t have to break the bank.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple is reportedly in talks with another supplier as it works to bring MicroLED displays to future devices.

Taiwan’s PlayNitride has gained approval to invest $17.1 million in a new MicroLED production facility in the Hsinchu Science Park — and it seems Apple could be one of its first customers.

Apple’s MicroLED displays could debut later this year


apple watch 1
Apple's new displays will likely make their debut on Apple Watch.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Apple is going all-in on MicroLED displays, a new report claims. The company is reportedly gearing up to use the next-gen displays in future Apple Watches, Macs and even an as-yet-unreleased wearable device, which could be Apple’s augmented reality glasses.

The first MicroLED displays may arrive sooner than expected, too.

Apple developing its own ‘MicroLED’ displays for future devices


MicroLED could eventually replace OLED displays on Apple devices.
Photo: Apple

Apple reportedly operates a secret manufacturing plant in California where it produces MicroLED displays, a new type of screen that could make future gadgets “slimmer, brighter and less power-hungry.”

Right now, the company is said to still be in the testing phase, manufacturing small quantities of the displays. The tech likely won’t arrive for years. But by developing its own custom displays, Apple could further differentiate its devices from rival products.

Apple buys microLED company with potential to light up the iWatch


An iWatch concept by Todd Hamilton
An iWatch concept by Todd Hamilton

The complications behind creating a small screen for something like an iWatch are immense, but Apple has bought the company it may need to make it all possible.

TechCrunch reports that Apple has acquired LuxVue Technology, a small California-based company that specializes in “microLED-based displays for consumer electronics applications.” It turns out that microLEDs could work very well with wearables.