6 classic Mac games you can enjoy on iOS


This was a game-changer for computer games back in the day.
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With a constant stream of new, console-quality games in the iOS App Store, and subscription gaming service Apple Arcade on the way, there’s arguably never been a better time to be an Apple gamer. Yet despite all the great new iOS games, sometimes you just want to relive your misspent youth.

This week, Paul Cuisset’s classic Mac platformer Flashback blasted its way into the App Store. To mark the occasion, we dug up some of the best classic games that graced vintage Macs but now can be played on your iOS device. Check them out.

Rome: Total War – Barbarian Invasion marches onto iPhone


Rome Total War Barbarian Invasion 2
One of the deepest strategy games to make it onto iPhone yet.
Photo: Feral Interactive

Rome: Total War — Barbarian Invasion, a classic PC and Mac game that pits the Roman empire against barbarian hordes, has been tweaked to bring its incredibly immersive gameplay to the iPhone’s small screen.

Players get to experience the final years of the empire as a barbarian commander determined to bring down Rome’s power structure. Alternatively, they can play a Roman general looking to quash the rebellion once and for all. It’s all kinds of awesome!

Today in Apple history: Marathon is Mac’s answer to Doom


First-person shooter Marathon gave Mac gamers something to be proud of.
First-person shooter Marathon gave Mac gamers something to be proud of.
Photo: Bungie

December 21: Today in Apple history: Marathon is Mac's answer to Doom December 21, 1994: Mac gamers get their hands on Marathon, a sci-fi first-person shooter designed as an answer to the massive success of PC title Doom.

Created by Bungie, the team that would later make the Halo games, Marathon introduces important features to the FPS genre. Just as importantly, it isn’t available on PC. Marathon quickly becomes a favorite among Mac gamers.

Fortnite smashes its concurrent players record


Fortnite isn't going anywhere soon.
Photo: Epic Games

If you thought Fortnite already reached its peak, think again.

Epic Games confirms that its hit Battle Royale game now boasts a staggering 8.3 million concurrent players worldwide. The number more than doubled since February, thanks in part to the game’s recent launch in South Korea.

Cyberpunk meets horror in this addictive detective game


Play the role of a neural detective in this genre-defining cyberpunk horror game.
Play the role of a neural detective in this genre-defining cyberpunk horror game.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

As reality gets weirder, our ideas about the future get weirder still. The cyberpunk genre deals with ideas about what would happen when humans became enmeshed with computer networks. Now that that’s happening, the genre is asking new questions, like, what if you could hack people’s fears?

Best Mac and iOS games of 2016


best mac and ios games 2016
2016 might have sucked overall, but not for games.
Image: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

2016 Year in Review Cult of Mac When it comes to games, Apple trails behind Microsoft and the broader PC market. Though Cupertino’s hardware often sports cutting-edge specs, the fact is that gaming was never really the intended use for Apple machines.

Why this is, and whether it should prevent top titles from gracing Mac screens, is enough for its own article. Luckily, things are changing: From sprawling strategy games to genre-bending first-person titles, 2016 gave Apple fans a harvest of great titles for Mac and iOS alike.

Fans of the space sim genre rejoice [Deals]


Playing with rockets is fun on its own, and this space sim adds a playful feel and tons of depth.
Playing with rockets is fun on its own, and this space sim adds a playful feel and tons of depth.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Space sims — like flight sims — maintain a niche following. The game genre mixes the fun of flight with the extreme physics involved in sending things to freaking space. Mac (and PC) game Kerbal Space Program manages to scratch the rocket science itch while also being genuinely entertaining and accessible.

This great take on the space simulator is winning praise all over the gaming world and boasts an active community of modders and enthusiasts. Right now you can get a Steam ticket for Kerbal Space Program $13.59.

Pac-Man and Lemmings can now be played on MacBook Pro Touch Bar


Retro games have invaded the MacBook Pro.
Retro games have invaded the MacBook Pro.
Photo: Erik Olsonn

The new MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar might not be the most useful tool for professionals quite yet, but it’s quickly becoming a perfect playground for retro gaming. Two new hacks bring classic games Pac-Man and Lemmings to the Touch Bar.

The MacBook Pro’s tiny OLED display seriously limits gameplay, though: You can barely make turns in Pac-Man, but it still looks better than Doom on the Touch Bar.

Get a peek at the Touch Bar gameplay in the videos below.

7 great ways to save on Steam videogames


gaming battlestation
These winning strategies will help you snag Steam games on the cheap.
Photo: Flavio Ensiki/Flickr CC

With thousands of games in its catalog and more than 125 million users, Steam has become almost synonymous with computer gaming, whether Mac or PC. And, in great news for gamers, Steam is not afraid of discounts.

But not all discounts are created equal. How can you score the best prices on your favorite titles? We’re here to help, offering seven ways you can save with Steam.

PinOut, Civilization VI and other awesome apps of the week


Awesome Apps
'Appy weekend everyone!
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

With Apple’s earnings call and Thursday’s Mac event, there was plenty of serious business in the world of Apple this week. That’s why we’re choosing an all-game lineup for this “Awesome Apps of the Week” installment.

Plus, when the titles are this good, it’s hard to ignore them! Check out our picks below.