Today in Apple history: Apple embraces over-the-air iOS updates


ios 5
Over-the-air iOS updates took iTunes out of the equation (and leveled the playing field with Android).
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May4 May 4, 2011: Reports circulate that Apple is negotiating with carriers to bring over-the-air updates to iOS, beginning with iOS 5.

Such a move would free iPhone owners from using iTunes to get iOS updates. That means no more plugging the device in to their computers via USB and clicking update to download the latest iOS software.

Trouble in China, iPhone slump and other Apple earnings surprises


How will investors respond to Apple's relatively flat earnings?
How will investors respond to Apple's relatively flat earnings?
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Apple’s Q2 earnings report for 2017 just barely beat Wall Street’s expectations when the numbers were revealed this afternoon, but there are plenty of reasons to still be optimistic about AAPL.

During the company’s call with investors today, Apple CEO Tim Cook and CFO Luca Maestri discussed some of the struggles the company experienced last quarter, from slumping iPhone sales to economic headwinds in China.

Here are the biggest takeaways:

Liveblog: Just how good (or bad) was Apple’s Q2?


apple earnings
Apple's money-making machine is on a new level.
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What to expect from Apple’s Q2 2017 earnings report


Tim Cook and Luca Maestri will reveal Apple's Q2 earnings.
Apple made a ton of money last quarter.
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Today in Apple history: iTunes Music Store opens its doors


The iTunes Store launched 14 years ago today.
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April28 April 28, 2003: Apple opens the iTunes Music Store, revolutionizing the music industry and digital distribution of content.

At a time when getting music online mostly means illegal downloads from pirate services like Napster, iTunes quickly proves that customers will pay for songs, provided the service is good enough.

iOS 11 will bring new focus on original videos from Apple Music


Carpool Karaoke is just one of many original series Apple has planned.
Carpool Karaoke is just one of many original series Apple has planned.
Photo: Apple Music

iOS 11 will deliver a new Music app with a focus on original videos, according to Jimmy Iovine. The Apple Music chief says the service could add many as 10 original video series by the end of this year, including Carpool Karaoke and’s Planet of the Apps, while Apple is also in talks to secure content from J.J. Abrams and R. Kelly.

Spotify job listings hint at hardware ambitions


Could Spotify make a modern iPod?
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Apple’s biggest competition in the music streaming business may be preparing to become a hardware rival, too.

Jobs listings posted by Spotify indicate the company is planning to make a hardware play. Spotify says it’s working on a “category defining product,” but based on what the company compares it to, Apple might not have much to worry about.

Apple slashes commissions for App Store referrals


There are small savings for some.
Apple is cut affiliates' pay.
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Apple Music is hooking up with Facebook Messenger


Apple Music's 3-month trial is no longer free for all.
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Facebook is aiming to make its Messenger app the go-to spot to talk about music with a new update that makes it easier to share songs with friends.

During the company’s F8 developers conference this morning, Facebook unveiled a new way for third-party apps to integrate with communications platform. And Apple Music is one of its first partners.