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Step up your iPhone camera game with these attachable lenses [Review] ★★★★☆


An iPhone with a Moment Case, Anamorphic Lens, and Filmmaker Cage with a microphone and LED light attached.★★★★☆
An iPhone with a Moment Case, Anamorphic lens, and Filmmaker Cage with a microphone and LED light attached.
Photo: Moment

Is it worth buying a full-size camera these days? The reasons to do so grow smaller and smaller as smartphone cameras get better and better. It’s getting to the point where you have to spend a thousand dollars or more for a full-frame camera to take noticeably better pictures than your iPhone.

Even then, a dedicated camera still won’t automatically sync your pictures to iCloud and might not tag your pictures with location data. And then you have to buy lenses — and full-size camera lenses are expensive.

What if, instead of buying a different camera, you could add lenses and accessories for your iPhone that fill in the missing gaps? You could get the same versatility with the same convenience.

Instantly add a range of lenses to your iPhone [Deals]


This clip-on lens instantly adds anamorphic, 8mm wide-angle, fisheye and 360° shots to your iPhone.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

As good as the iPhone camera is, it’s limited by its lens. It’s true of DSLRs and it’s true of smartphones: To expand and improve your camera’s abilities, you get new glass. This clip-on lens does just that, so your iPhone can get an instant upgrade.

Sandmarc’s top-notch lenses now fit the iPhone 11 line


Sandmarc lenses and cases for the iPhone 11 line
Sandmarc makes the case for its lenses paired with the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro.
Photo: Sandmarc

Sandmarc, a top producer of high-quality smartphone lenses, now has a line of mounting cases for its lenses to fit on the iPhone 11 series.

Many smartphone lens makers had to rethink their mount designs after Apple rolled out new iPhones with square camera bumps. The two Pro models have three cameras in the module and companies got busy making new mounts and cases.

New Zealand looks dreamy in iPhone film shot with cinema lens


iPhone film of New Zealand by Mathieu Stern
Shot on iPhone – with a big assist from an anamorphic lens.
Screenshot: Mathieu Stern/YouTube

In your pocket is a camera capable of making films that stretch across a silver screen. But to get that sweeping, horizontal field of view, you want to make room in an extra pocket for one important accessory – an anamorphic lens.

Rather than explain it, Parisian photographer and filmmaker Mathieu Stern shows off the wow factor an anamorphic lens delivers with a short film he made in New Zealand using an iPhone 8 Plus.

Wireless earbuds, iPhone lenses and more in the best deals of the week [Deals]


The top deals of the week include an awesome AirPods alternative, a powerful task manager, and more.
The top deals of the week include an awesome AirPods alternative and a powerful task manager.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Another week, another roundup of awesome deals on gear and gadgets. This round, we’ve got a truly attractive AirPods alternative, a powerful tool for blocking unwanted calls and texts, the ultimate time-management platform, and a set of camera lenses for your iPhone.

Snag one or all — at hefty discounts!

Moment releases sharpest iPhone telephoto lens yet


Best iPhone photo accessories
The 58 mm telephoto lens.
Photo: Moment

Mobile photography lensmaker Moment just launched a redesigned telephoto attachment for the iPhone, boasting that it’s sharper than any other smartphone glass on the market.

The 58mm lens works on single- or dual-lens handsets. Pair it with the iPhone XS for a true 100mm optical reach.

Future iPhones may pack moving camera sensors for external lenses


Moment lens on iPhone
Don't retire that wide-angle lens attachment just yet.
Photo: Moment

A lens attachment can extend the view of your native iPhone camera. It can also botch an otherwise nice image if not attached properly.

Apple is suggesting hardware and software changes to the iPhone and iPad camera systems that can reduce operator error and aid an extra lens in delivering that promised DSLR quality.

Level up your iPhone photography with these must-have accessories [Deals]


Take your iPhone photography up a level or two with this roundup of must-have accessories.
Take your iPhone photography up a level or two with this roundup of must-have accessories.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Your iPhone is a content creation machine, especially for photo and video. That’s because it sports powerful cameras and image processing abilities. But it’s also a phone, and aren’t built like cameras with the sole purpose of making great images. So we’ve rounded up some of the top accessories you’ll need to make your iPhone a bona fide photography machine. From shutter grips to detachable lenses, all-terrain tripods and more, this is where you can level up your iPhone for pro-level photography. Read on for more details: