Sandmarc iPhone 11 cases on sale for photog who love its lenses

Sandmarc’s top-notch lenses now fit the iPhone 11 line


Sandmarc lenses and cases for the iPhone 11 line
Sandmarc makes the case for its lenses paired with the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro.
Photo: Sandmarc

Sandmarc, a top producer of high-quality smartphone lenses, now has a line of mounting cases for its lenses to fit on the iPhone 11 series.

Many smartphone lens makers had to rethink their mount designs after Apple rolled out new iPhones with square camera bumps. The two Pro models have three cameras in the module and companies got busy making new mounts and cases.

The Sandmarc cases for the iPhone 11 line launched last week and cost $30.

If you are considering add-on lenses for your iPhone for the first time, Sandmarc is a top brand with gear that is evolving with smartphones that continue to add additional cameras to their handsets.

There are advantages to lenses even with an iPhone 11 Pro. Sandmarc’s 60 mm telephoto lens more than doubles the focal length when added to the iPhone’s native telephoto camera and is capable of up to a 4x zoom.

Instead of shooting with the iPhone’s ultra-wide, Sandmarc’s own wide lens attaches to the iPhone’s standard 28 mm, allowing shooters to capture stills in RAW and make use of the camera’s new Night mode (the ultra-wide does not support either feature).

Sandmarc also offers a great macro and an anamorphic lens for video shooting with that sweeping cinematic look. The lenses also have a lens-to-filter thread for Sandmarc’s line of filters.