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Here’s everything we already know about iPhone 14


This is Ian Zelda's render of a purple iPhone 14.
The iPhone 14 is just weeks away. Among the many changes that have leaked out: Apple's next flagship handset is expected to be available in a new purple option.
Image: Ian Zelbo

The iPhone 14 is expected next month, but you don’t have to wait – most of the details have leaked out already. We know about the new Plus version, the higher-res camera, the always-on display and much more.

So why wait? Here’s all the leaked details on the 2022 iPhone.

Apple steps up iPhone assembly in India


Workers are already assembling iPhones in Indio.
Photo: Carnegie Council

Foxconn will begin shipping the iPhone 14 from its assembly plant in India almost as soon as its Chinese plant starts shipping Apple’s next smartphone, according to an industry analyst. This is apparently a sign that Apple is decreasing its dependence on China.

And Foxconn is reportedly building up its assembly capacity in India.

Apple takes another step to avoid iPhone 14 shortage at launch


iPhone 14 Pro models may get an always-on display, finally.
A new Chinese company has joined the iPhone 14's supply chain for the first time.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Apple seemingly diversified its supply chain by adding a new component supplier for the iPhone 14 lineup. Chinese company SG Micro has acquired the necessary certifications to supply components for the high-end iPhone 14 Pro series.

The move comes as Apple looks to avoid disruptions in its supply chain due to external factors.

iPhone 14 is on track for early fall launch


New renders show iPhone 14 in all its purported purple glory
iPhone 14 is moving ahead
Concept: Jon Prosser/Ian Zelbo

The iPhone 14 is reportedly already in the test production phase. That puts Apple’s next-gen smartphone on schedule to launch in September, as expected.

But, in a separate report, an industry analyst warns that one version of the 2022 iPhone may be in short supply when it launches.

New iPhone 14 case leak supports rumor of ‘Plus’ model


This lineup of purported iPhone 14 cases shows a
This lineup of purported iPhone 14 cases shows a "Plus" non-Pro model.
Photo: DuanRui@Twitter

A photograph said to show leaked iPhone 14 cases supports the widespread idea that the series will feature four models and bigger camera bumps. And it appears to show a case for a large, non-Pro handset that may be called “iPhone 14 Plus.”

If this holds up at launch in a couple of months, the two smaller models will be iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro and the two bigger models will be iPhone 14 Plus (or Max) and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Apple might reserve its fastest chips for iPhone Pro


Why the iPhone 14 looks like the iPhone 12
Pro iPhones could get a speed advantage over non-Pro models.
Concept render: souta

Going forward, Apple might make its latest and greatest A-series chips exclusive to high-end iPhone models, according to a reputable analyst.

Apple previously did not differentiate between Pro and “regular” iPhones when it came to processors. But that could change with this year’s iPhone 14 lineup.