iPad mini 6 mockup shows edge-to-edge screen so many hope for


An iPad mini 6 mockup from xleaks7.
An iPad mini 6 mockup could show that a significant redesign is one the way.
Photo: xleaks7/Pigtou

There’s a bit more evidence that the iPad mini 6 will feature a dramatic redesign. A mockup of the tablet leaked out, showing an edge-to-edge display and an in-screen fingerprint scanner.

Other sources previously pointed to Apple’s smallest tablet getting a size upgrade in the near future.

AirTags and newly updated iPad Pro could be right around the corner


AirTags and newly updated iPad Pro could be right around the corner
AirTags and the 2021 iPad Pro could launch together in only a few weeks.
Photo: Cut of Mac

Apple’s long-awaited AirTags personal item trackers might finally jump from rumor to reality. A reliable prognosticator says these accessories will reach customers in March.

And the same goes for an updated iPad Pro. Previous leaks also point to the tablet coming out before the end of Q1 2021.

iPad mini 6 might get the big redesign it deserves


2021 iPad mini is about to become a lot more useful.
The 2021 iPad mini could be about to get a lot less mini.
Photo: Pigtou/xleaks7

Apple’s smallest tablet is allegedly about to get the redesign so many people have hoped for. The screen bezels in the 2021 iPad mini will shrink significantly, supposedly allowing the display to increase to over 9 inches and become nearly edge-to-edge.

The computer will also reportedly get in-screen Touch ID and a hole-punch camera.

Tasty renders show 2021 iPad Pro with mystery magnetic connectors


This might be the 2021 iPad Pro.
The basic design of 2021 iPad Pro will supposedly be much like its predecessor, but with some interesting enhancements.
Render: xleaks7/Pigtou

Apple will build even more magnets into the 2021 iPad Pro, according to a tipster. The same source also rendered images supposedly based on CAD drawings of the upcoming 12.9- and 11-inch versions.

Other changes rumored for Apple’s next top-tier tablet include an improved screen and optional 5G.

Sweet new mini-LED display might not light up every iPad Pro


2020 iPad Pro with Apple Pencil
There might be a big advantage to buying the largest 2021 iPad Pro model.
Photo: Apple

Sorry, 11-inch iPad Pro — no mini-LED display for you. The new type of screen will reportedly be in Apple’s largest top-tier tablet for 2021 but not the smaller version.

In addition, there are supposedly changes to the speakers and camera hump in this high-end tablet that’s expected in early spring.

2021 iPad mini screen size might expand to 8.4 inches


The newest iPad mini supports the first-gen Apple Pencil, not the newer version of this stylus.
The 2021 iPad mini might be larger than the 2019 version (shown here).
Photo: Apple

The next iPad mini could be a bit less mini. Apple reportedly will expand the tablet from a 7.9-inch screen to an 8.4-inch one in the version coming in Q1 2021.

If true, the change would hardly be unprecedented. Apple has enlarged the displays in all other iPad models in recent years.

Apple plans to slim down the 2021 budget iPad


The 2021 iPad could look much like the 2020 version. Just thinner.
The 2021 iPad might use the same general design as the iPad 8 (shown here), but slimmer.
Photo: Apple

The 2021 iPad is apparently going on a diet. The 9th generation of Apple’s basic tablet will reportedly be slimmer and lighter than the current version.

But the same unconfirmed report says Apple doesn’t plan to change the size of the 2021 iPad Pro models.