Avoid annoying geo-restrictions on streaming services [Deals]


Easily bypass any location-based restrictions on all your favorite streaming content.
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Just because you’re in another country shouldn’t mean you can’t watch your favorite shows and movies. So it’s a bummer when Hulu. HBO, or Amazon says the country you’re in doesn’t support their content. With this simple tool, you can avoid that annoyance and get back to binging anywhere in the world.

T-Mobile to launch TV streaming service soon


T-Mobile CEO John Legere is trying to make is carrier relevant again.
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T-Mobile is about to launch a new feature as part of its wireless service plans designed to lure in new subscribers: free TV streaming.

The carrier is reportedly planning to enter the streaming wars within the new few weeks with a free, ad-supported video service optimized from mobile streaming. T-Mobile service sounds similar to Verizon’s now-defunct go90 video streaming platform, but T-Mobile is hoping to some extra perks will make it more attractive to customers.

Lose cable, but not your shows, with this cord-cutter megabundle [Deals]


The Ultimate Cord Cutting Kit Subscriptions
Cutting your cable doesn't have to mean less content, with access to the world's largest entertainment library.
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With the explosion of content over the last few years, cord cutting is sweeping the country. In comparison to wired alternatives, digital options cost less but offer just as much content — along with a few bonuses.

We’ve got a bundle that’s loaded for the cable-weary. And right now, you can get a year of the Ultimate Cord Cutting Kit Subscriptions for just $19.99.


iPhone 7
App spending is on the rise.
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HBO Go just got even more distracting


HBO Go Band of Brothers
You'll hit Play on Normandy in Band of Brothers, and the next thing you know, they'll be in Berlin.
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An update to HBO Go is a direct assault on your productivity.

The streaming service just added two new features that are sure to send you spiraling into a “just one more” death spin. The new features are Picture-in-Picture (for compatible devices running iOS 9) and autoplay, which is how you sit down to watch a single episode and then look up later to discover the sun has come up, and now you have to go to work.

New Apple TV ads showcase apps and games


Apple TV might get exclusive TV shows.
Apple TV might get exclusive TV shows.
Photo: Apple

The new Apple TV is all about apps and games, so it makes sense that there are five new ads from Apple on its YouTube channel that are all about specific games and apps.

Check out the videos below for streaming media apps like Netflix and HBO, along with a trio of gaming titles, including Apple TV ads for Asphalt 8 from Gameloft, mega-hit casual Crossy Road from Hipster Whale, and Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition: Star Wars from the House of Mouse.

34 apps to try out on your brand new Apple TV


Apple TV 4 brings iOS apps to the big screen.
Apple TV 4 brings iOS apps to the big screen.
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When Apple TV units finally ship tomorrow, they will bring iOS apps to the big screen for the first time.

Some of the best apps from your iPhone are making the jump, including Periscope, Zillow and Airbnb. And of course all the old Apple TV apps like Netflix, HBO Now, Hulu and Showtime will still be available.

Now that the new Apple TV’s arrival is imminent, developers are ready to flood the device with a tons of apps focusing on everything from cooking and exercising to gaming and news.

Here’s a list of new apps available on Apple TV:

Apple snags Showtime for yet another streaming exclusive


You can now stream Showtime without cable
Showtime is coming to Apple TV 
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HBO made a splash with its streaming service HBO Now, and now its cheaper rival Showtime is ready to get in on the action too with its own streaming service that’s also launching exclusively with Apple.

Starting in July, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV users will be able to purchase a stand-alone subscription to Showtime through the Showtime app to stream all of the company’s original programming. It’s just like HBO Now, only a little bit cheaper.

Apple only takes 15% cut on HBO Now, Netflix, and Hulu subscriptions


HBO Now on the big screen. Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac
HBO Now. Photo: HBO

Apple scored a huge win for Apple TV by making it the only platform your can watch HBO Now on for the next three months, and according to a new report, Apple might be rewarding HBO by taking a much lower cut on subscription fees than cable companies.

Apple has been taking a 30 percent cut anytime a company signs up a customer for a service through an iOS app. Publishers bristled at Apple’s policy when it was introduced in 2011, however, when it comes to subscriptions purchased through Apple TV, Apple has decided to reduced its take by 50%.