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iPhone XR smokes every Android rival


iPhone XR performance is stellar, far better than many Android devices that cost more.
iPhone XR performance is stellar, far better than many Android devices that cost more.
Photo: Apple

The new iPhone XR costs at least $250 less than the iPhone XS models but has the same A12 Bionic processor. That gives Apple’s latest significantly faster performance than any of its Android rivals, even the most expensive.

Benchmarks show the XR is 25 percent quicker than Samsung’s fastest, despite costing far less.

Samsung hands out free phones to Appel fans


Samsung-Appel 1
You mean Apple? Nope.
Photo: Samsung

The Appel community is all over Samsung these days. And, no, before you accuse us of failing to properly proofread these articles, we’re talking about Appel, a hamlet in the Netherlands with a population of just a few hundred residents.

In an effort to drum up a bit of publicity, Samsung recently handed out free Galaxy S9 handsets to people living in Appel as a marketing stunt. Because, you know, getting people who live in a town with a kinda similar name to that of your competition is totally the kind of thing that keeps Tim Cook up at night!

Slumping Galaxy sales lead to weak Samsung earnings


Samsung galaxy
The Galaxy S9 isn't selling as well as expected.
Photo: Samsung

Despite releasing a series of iPhone-bashing commercials, Samsung’s own smartphone sales are beginning to decline drastically. And investors are not pleased.

Samsung posted a second-quarter earnings report Monday that put an end to its streak of record-breaking financial results. While the company’s memory chip business is doing well, sales of its flagship Galaxy S9 smartphone and display panels are slipping after the company saw huge profit growth in 2017.

Samsung ads continue to diss iPhone to distract from weak S9 sales


Samsung's ads set at an Ingenius bar criticize the iPhone rather than praise the Galaxy S9.
Samsung's ads set at an "Ingenius" bar criticize the iPhone rather than praise the Galaxy S9.
Screenshot: Samsung

When a product isn’t doing well, one marketing strategy is to sling mud at the competition. That’s why all Samsung’s latest ads don’t focus on the Galaxy S9, but criticize the iPhone instead.

There are four new ads that target some aspect of Apple’s products, such as the notch, no microSD card slot, and a lack of on-screen multitasking.

Samsung smack-talks iPhone X with more ‘Ingenious’ ads


Samsung hits Apple with three more blows in commercials for the Galaxy S9.
Photo: Samsung

Samsung continues tyring to sell smartphones with advertising that gives more airtime to Apple.

Three more commercials in Samsung’s “Ingenious” campaign went public today with a belief in accentuating the negative. Each exploits a different criticism of the iPhone X – the need for a dongle, the lack of a fast charger and a camera that gets lower test scores than the Galaxy S9.

Weak Galaxy S9 demand cuts into Samsung profits


Samsung Galaxy S9
This guy is running away from the Galaxy S9, like a lot of other people.
Photo: Samsung

A few months ago, Apple surprised everyone by announcing its latest smartphone was a huge hit, resulting in better than expected earnings and a big jump in company shares. That didn’t happen to Samsung.

Instead, the Korean company missed analysts’ profit expectations, partially because of sluggish demand for the Galaxy S9.

2018 iPhone really needs a feature you’ve never heard of


6.5- and 6.1-inch 2018 iPhone models
The 2018 iPhone offerings supposedly will include these 6.5- and 6.1-inch models. Hopefully, a behind-the-screens feature will make them faster.
Photo: OnLeaks

The 2018 iPhone models are rumored to have larger screens, better processors, and other enhancements. But there’s one feature that, even though we’ve heard nothing about it, we should strongly hope is in Apple’s next smartphones: 4×4 MIMO.

This is a cellular wireless data technology that gives the Samsung Galaxy S9 a substantial speed advantage over the iPhone X.

Samsung’s sad new ad is packed with iPhone disses


Samsung ad
Samsung's not pulling any punches in its latest ad.
Photo: Samsung

The life of an iPhone owner is a truly miserable experience, according to the Android smartphone makers at Samsung.

Apple’s big Android rival put out a new ad today titled “Moving On” that attacks the iPhone for taking a few seconds to load a boarding pass and if you’re not careful you might totally get caught in the rain with one while waiting for an Uber.

Take a look at the sad life of an iPhone user:

Sorry, Samsung: Latest iPhones beat Galaxy S9 on battery life


Samsung used to brag about its phone's battery life, but now the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and 8 Plus all last longer.
Photo: Samsung

The iPhone X and iPhone 8 significantly outlast the Galaxy S9 on a single charge. Samsung once mocked the iPhone for its battery life, but the shoe is on the other foot now — benchmarks indicate that the the iPhone X goes more than an hour longer than the Galaxy S9.