Meet the Baxters, a family of awesome storage shelves for iMac


The Baxter iMac shelves are super-practical.
The Baxter shelves are super-practical.
Photo: Baxter

Did you ever take a look at the sleek and simple back of your iMac and thought to yourself: “That could really use some more clutter,”? Then we have some great news. Short of turning your Mac face-down in your grandmother’s house and leaving it to accumulate lace doilies and figurines, the Baxter Storage Shelf is the best way to add clutter, aka. storage space to your iMac.

Lofree keyboard feels like a typewriter, looks spectacular


lofree keyboard
Who wouldn't want this beauty under their Mac?
Photo: Lofree

If you like mechanical keyboards, you love mechanical keyboards. Their clickety-clack action is way more positive than the soft, short travel of any MacBook or Magic Keyboard, and once you get used to them everything else seems squishy. It’s like driving a big American boat-like sedan after spending a week driving a hard-riding European sports car. The problem is, unlike a vintage Porsche or a Ferrari, the average mechanical keyboard has the looks of a corporate pool car. The Lofree keyboard, on the other hand, looks fantastic.

Catch the best iPhone X deals plus our favorite gadgets on The CultCast


CultCast iPhone X
We'll tell you how to save up to $500 on your iPhone X.
Photo: Apple

This week on The CultCast: We’ll tell you how to get the best deal on your iPhone X, saving yourself some serious cash money. Plus: Why Woz says the iPhone X will be the first iPhone he won’t buy on Day 1. And we discuss Amazon Key, the new service that lets your delivery man into your home when you’re not there. Then stay tuned to hear what we like and don’t about the gadgets we’re currently testing in an all-new Under Review!

Amazon is about to ruin its best Kindle model


new Kindle oasis
That hot unibody is 50% heavier than the old model.
Photo: Amazon

The new Kindle Oasis was just launched, and it looks amazing. It has the same super-slim form as the current Oasis, along with the asymmetric shape and hardware page-change buttons, only now it also has a bigger 7-inch screen, better battery life, and it is waterproof. It’s even cheaper than the current model.

Luckily, this new Oasis doesn’t go on sale until the end of October, so you still have a few weeks to buy the old one while you still can.

This dongle fixes the jackless iPhone 7 for good


amazon lightning iphone 7 dongle
Amazon is getting in on the iPhone dongle game.
Photo: Amazon

Apple’s obsession with lopping ports off its devices has spawned a whole industry of dangling dongles. Every time Apple removes hole to slim down an iPhone or a MacBook, or to make space for a bigger battery, somebody else fills that gap with an external widget that does the exact same thing, only messier and more expensive.

The latest in this dongle parade is the AmazonBasics Lightning to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Audio Adapter with Remote and Lightning Charging Port, a product whose name tells you almost everything you need to know.

Bookbook CaddySack organizes your Mac’s chargers and dongles


Bookbook Caddysack
Keep all your chargers and cables together when you leave the house.
Photo: TwelveSouth

Twelve South’s Bookbook Caddysack might sound like the babble of a sugared-up two-year-old, but it is in fact a super-handy gadget bag for travelers, or folks who spend a lot of time not at home or the office. It’s a little case that’s designed to hold all the chargers and other accessories you need for your various Apple devices.

Matias Wired Aluminum Keyboard improves on the Apple original


Matias Wired Aluminum Keyboard
Wires make more sense than Bluetooth on the desktop.
Photo: Matias

If you want a wired Apple keyboard, you’re out of luck. The only Apple-made options for your Mac are the Magic Keyboard and the Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad, both of which connect via Bluetooth. Soon, though, excellent Mac keyboard maker Matias will sell you a replacement — the Matias Wired Aluminum Keyboard. And not only that, it beats out the Apple original in one key way.

Zoom’s Livetrak mixing desk turns your iPad into a music studio


Zoom livetrak l-12
Zoom’s wonder-box has real knobs and faders, just like a proper music studio.
Photo: Zoom

Zoom’s new Livetrak L-12 could be the only box you need to turn your iPad into a mobile music studio. In one unit, the L-12 combines a mixer, a 12-track recorder, and an interface that lets you hook up all your musical instruments and gadgets to your iPad. And that’s just the beginning.

Gadgets to make traveling easy [Tech Travel Tips]


roost stand
Travel is a time to leave things behind, but some gadgets will make your trips a lot easier.
Photo: Roost

tech travel tips Welcome to Tech Travel Tips, a week of travel tips for vacationers. This week we’ll show you how to keep your devices safe while traveling, what apps to download before you go, what settings you should change before leaving the house and — kicking off the week — the best travel gadgets to take with you. Let’s get started!