View A Folder Full Of Photos Quickly And Easily [OS X Tips]



Ever need a quick look at a bunch of pictures in one folder all at once? QuickLook is all well and good, but it’s a slow-going one-photo-at-a-time. You could use iPhoto, but for a quick check of a folder full of images, that’s a bit labor intensive. For our money, today’s tip may be the fastest way to see all those photos at once.

Dropbox Adds Super Simple Sharing For Your Documents



The ability to share my documents across all of my devices and have them with me wherever I go is indispensable to me, and so Dropbox is one service I couldn’t be without. However, one of its biggest flaws has always been the difficulty in sharing documents.

That’s no longer the case with Dropbox’s latest update, which makes it super simple to share your files with your friends, family, and colleagues.

Path Finder 6 May Finally Be Ready To Kill The Finder


If the Finder spent a few years at the gym, it would look like Path finder
If the Finder spent a few years at the gym, it would look like Path finder

Path Finder has long been a super full-featured Finder replacement for OS X, and now it has been updated to version 6. I have been trying Path Finder on and off for years now, but finally gave up as it’s pretty much impossible to kill the native Finder completely.

Add to this the fact that the Finder doesn’t suck nearly so much as it used to, and that I find most of what I want with Launchbar and Spotlight these days and I’d all but given up on Cocoatech’s offering. But as v6 adds support for file tagging and batch renaming which – in addition to it’s already impressive line-up of features – might make it worth another look.

Upload Any File To iCloud [Video How-To]



iCloud is a great addition to the Apple ecosystem, but at times, it’s a little too limited in functionality for some. Many users wanted to be able to use their free iCloud storage as they would Dropbox, but iCloud restricts access and is only useful for storing app data or iOS backups. For those who are looking to get a little more out of iCloud, here’s a handy workaround I discovered today that allows you to upload any file to iCloud, much like you would with Dropbox. It’s not perfect, but it works, and for many it’ll be a helpful addition to iCloud.

See Only Files Created Today Or Yesterday [OS X Tips]



Wouldn’t it be useful to click a link in Finder that showed only files accessed or created today, yesterday, or within the last week? That would make it significantly easier to find files you’ve been working on but forgotten the location of.

Users of OS X Leopard and Snow Leopard already have this at their fingertips in the Finder sidebar, but Apple saw fit to remove it from OS X Lion, its latest release. Here’s how to restore it.

Finding And Deleting The Big Files On Your Hard Drive [Video How-To]



It happens to everyone. Over time, large files will build up on your hard drive and take up space needed for important files, such as photos, music, and the like. It can be frustrating trying to find these files to see if they are of any importance. Enter OmniDiskSweeper, a free utility that solves all those problems. As you’ll see in this video, it’s a handy tool that can help you free up a lot of space.

Sync Files the Easy Way with PadSync [Review]



Apple your idea about iPad file syncing using the manual file-sharing capabilities of iTunes is disappointing. Especially in my case — I sync my media content with my iMac, which by the way isn’t very easy to carry around, and I cannot sync that same content on my Macbook Pro. If I try to sync using iTunes on another computer my syncing options are to Cancel, Transfer Purchases, or Erase and Sync. None of these options are useful, but if I click Cancel eventually I can manually access the files shared on my iPad even on my Macbook Pro.

It isn’t clear why Apple didn’t add a simple thing like automatic file syncing, but that doesn’t matter now after I discovered Ecamm Network’s new Mac application, PadSync, which adds automatic syncing capabilities to the file sharing feature of the iPad.