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See Only Files Created Today Or Yesterday [OS X Tips]



Wouldn’t it be useful to click a link in Finder that showed only files accessed or created today, yesterday, or within the last week? That would make it significantly easier to find files you’ve been working on but forgotten the location of.

Users of OS X Leopard and Snow Leopard already have this at their fingertips in the Finder sidebar, but Apple saw fit to remove it from OS X Lion, its latest release. Here’s how to restore it.

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To make this a reality, open a Finder window and hit Shift + Command + G , then copy and paste the following into the dialog box that appears: /System/Library/CoreServices/ Then hold down Command, and click and drag the Today, Yesterday, and/or Past Week files to the sidebar within Finder. Clicking any in future will show just the files as discussed previously. The search results will be mixed in with any apps you accessed the previous day, but you can click the Kind header in Finder to sort them so that your documents are separated out.

Log out and back in again, and File Open/Save As dialog boxes within applications will also show the shortcuts.