Open Documents With A Different App From Within Quick Look in Mountain Lion [OS X Tips]


Yet another way to open a file in a different app. Yay!
Yet another way to open a file in a different app. Yay!

You may already know that you can right click on any file in the Finder and choose “Open With” from the contextual menu. This gives you a list of all the apps Mac OS X thinks can open that file. An image file, for example, will show Preview (default), Firefox, Google Chrome, and any image editing app that you may have on your system, like Adobe Photoshop or Fireworks.

You may also know that tapping the space bar after clicking on any file in the Finder, Open and Save dialogues, or in Mail app, will give you an instant preview of that file. This feature is called Quick Look, and it’s been in OS X for a while, now. iTunes will play their audio content, images will zoom to their actual size, and videos, if you have the right codex on your Mac, will play in a little pop up window.

What you may not know is that these two features can be combined now in OS X Mountain Lion.

Click on a file on your Desktop. I clicked on an image file for this example. Tap on the spacebar on your keyboard; in the upper right corner of the window that zooms up, you’ll see a Share button (the rectangle with the swoopy arrow pointing to the upper right) and, just to the left of that, a button that lets you open the file with the default application.

Now, if you right click on that Open with button there, you’ll get a list of the other applications that might be able to open that file, as above, like Firefox, Google Chrome, and other image editing apps you might have, like Preview or Photoshop. It’s all very integrated and slick; something we love about the OS X workflow.

Go ahead, give it a try. You’ll like it!

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Via: Macworld Hints