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Disney+ launches in UK, 6 European countries at 25% lower bandwidth


Disney+ launches, but don't count on much customer support for now.
Photo: Apple

Disney+, the streaming service from the Walt Disney Company, launched in the early hours of Tuesday morning across the United Kingdom and six European countries, but at reduced bandwidth and video quality after a government request to ease the strain on broadband networks.

Cult of Mac confirmed that the Disney+ app and service are available on the Apple TV App Store in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria and Switzerland.

Disney+ will launch with reduced video quality in Europe, delayed 2 weeks in France


Coming to Europe this week. France a bit later!
Photo: The Walt Disney Company

Disney has delayed the launch of its Disney+ streaming service by two weeks in France. This is as a result of a request by the French government.

Disney has also agreed to a European Union request for streaming video providers to scale back streaming quality by “at least” 25%. This is to “ensure the smooth functioning of the broadband infrastructure” at a time when the internet faces the strain of more heavy traffic while people are stuck home due to the coronavirus crisis.

Netflix creates $100 million fund for production crews hit by COVID-19 shutdowns


Expect Netflix to stay in the no. 1 spot for the foreseeable future.
Photo: Brad Gibson / Cult of Mac

Netflix is stepping up to help people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic by creating a $100 million fund that will go to support production and other workers in the industry.

The moves comes after production on nearly all major TV shows and movies has come to a grinding halt as more states and cities in act stay-at-home mandates.

Apps designed to make TikTok videos better stormed App Store in 2019


TikTok 1
It's all about TikTok these days. And the apps that help make it what it is.
Photo: TikTok

TikTok is the hottest app going right now, and plenty of other developers are trying to hitch their wagon to TikTok’s proverbial star by building apps that function as “enhancements” to the mega-popular video editing and sharing app.

According to new data from app analytics platform Sensor Tower, of the 480 million installs generated by 2019’s top 20 new apps, almost 38% were video and photo editors and sticker apps designed to enhance the experience of using TikTok or Instagram. That’s quite the ecosystem!

UK’s O2 network offers customers 6 months of free Disney+


Disney+ is launching in the U.K. this month.
Image: Disney

U.K. cellular network O2 has brokered a deal with Disney to become the UK’s exclusive mobile network distributor for the Disney+ steaming service.

The deal means that new and upgrading monthly customers get six months of Disney+ on O2 as a special offer. This mirrors a similar deal by Apple to offer a year’s free subscription to Apple TV+ for anyone buying a new iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or Mac computer.

Win an Apple TV, plus a year’s subscription to the streaming service of your choice [Deals]


Pick Your Streaming Media Player and Streaming Service Giveaway
Here's your shot at winning a year of supreme streaming.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

In our new Pick Your Streaming Service & Device Giveaway, you’ve got a crack at winning a combo that will keep you binge-watching whatever you want for a year.

Enter now for a chance to win the streaming hardware of your choice, along with a year’s subscription to any streaming service. Total prize value: up to $1,000!

Pricey AT&T TV service rolls out nationwide


AT&T TV can be streamed from your iPhone.
Photo: AT&T

AT&T’s latest cable replacement for cord-cutters, AT&T TV, launched nationwide today, replacing the streaming service DirecTV Now.

The carrier is offering big discounts to customers that sign a 24-month contract for AT&T TV which allows you to stream live sports, news, shows, and on-demand titles for a monthly fee. The only problem is it might not be much cheaper than your old cable bill.

Disney+ is as cheap as Apple TV+ in the UK if you preorder today


Who wouldn't want Disney+ at this price?
Photo: Disney

Disney+ is as affordable as Apple TV+ for subscribers in the United Kingdom if they preorder the service ahead of its debut next month. An annual subscription is available today for just £49.99 — £10 off the usual price.

That’s exactly the same price you’ll pay for a year of Apple TV+, but of course, Disney is offering you a lot more content.

NBCUniversal eyes buying Walmart’s Vudu streaming service


Vudu Apple TV
The peacock network might buy Vudu.
Photo: Vudu

Walmart is allegedly looking to sell its video-streaming service Vudu right as the streaming wars are starting to heat up.

NBCUniversal is reportedly in advanced talks to acquire Vudu from Walmart, which could give the company another valuable asset as it prepares to launch the Peacock streaming network in a couple of months.

Quibi preps for streaming wars battle with App Store pre-orders


Quibi is taking a different approach with streaming.
Photo: Quibi

iPhone and iPad users can already sign up to download Quibi, the mobile-only streaming service created by former Walt Disney Studios chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg.

Quibi was quietly posted to the App Store at the end of last month. News that it’s available for pre-order just surfaced today. You won’t be able to start streaming Quibi shows until April, but if you want to make sure you don’t miss the launch you can pre-order it now.

ViacomCBS readies new streaming service to compete with Netflix and Apple TV+


CBS All Access was one of the first TV streaming services to launch.
Photo: CBS

Apple TV+ is about to get even more competition in the form of a new streaming service currently in development by ViacomCBS.

Now that the Viacom and CBS merger was approved at the end of 2019, a new report claims company execs are plotting a way to combine the current CBS All Access service with Viacom’s assets, among which are Paramount’s trove of over 3,600 movies.

Apple TV+ could hit 26 million paying subs by 2025; likely 2.6 million currently


Apple TV+ could have 26 million paying subs by 2025; 2.6 million currently
Apple TV+ debuted back in November.
Photo: Apple

Apple TV+ will have almost 26 million paying subscribers by 2025, a new report claims. That’s just a fraction of the 126 million subs that rival streaming service Disney+ is likely to have at that point in time.

Both services launched within two weeks of each other in November 2019. While Apple hasn’t revealed any TV+ subscription numbers, Disney CEO Bob Iger says Disney+ already has 28.6 million subs. That’s more than Digital TV Research thinks Apple TV+ will have five years from now.

Disney+ already has 28.6 million subscribers in 3 months


Disney+ is a massive hit.
Photo: Disney

The Walt Disney Company just unleashed its first quarterly earnings report for 2020 revealing that its Disney+ streaming service is off to an impressive start.

Paid subscribers for Disney+ more than doubled from 10 million during the first week of availability, to 26.5 million users by the end of 2019. CEO Bob Iger said the service has continued growing since then and currently has 28.6 million subscribers as of today.

AT&T lost $1.2 billion last quarter building HBO Max


Anyone who enjoys binging Friends episodes better learn this name.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Executives at AT&T have quickly learned that building a streaming service to compete with Apple TV+ and Netflix isn’t going to be cheap. During the company’s latest earnings call, AT&T revealed that it has already lost $1.2 billion during the creation process of HBO Max that is set to launch this May.

5 big questions heading into Apple’s first earnings report of 2020


Earnings call
Apple's Q1 2020 earnings report will probably break some records.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Apple’s first earnings report of the decade is barely 24 hours away, and Wall Street is praying for another historic quarter.

After defying gravity for the last 12 months, Apple’s soaring stock price suffered its biggest single-day loss in more than six months today. Tuesday’s Q1 2020 earnings, which will cover sales from the 2019 holiday season, could provide the jolt AAPL shares need to start jumping up the charts again. However, certain hot topics — and what Apple says about them — could signal a downturn ahead.

Apple TV+ subscriber numbers could be stronger than many think


Apple TV+ could have 26 million paying subs by 2025; 2.6 million currently
Apple TV+ is off to a roaring start, it seems.
Photo: Apple

A new analyst report suggests 33.6 million customers were ready and waiting to subscribe to Apple TV+ before its November launch and estimates that number could grow to 40 million subscribers by the end of this year.

If accurate, the numbers from TV industry market analyst Ampere Analysis would put Apple TV+ ahead of Hulu and Disney+, and already at more than 50% of Netflix in the United States.

Disney+ racks up nearly $100 million in user spending in first 60 days


Disney+ is off to a flying start.
Photo: Disney

Aside from saying that Apple TV+ pulled in “millions of users” in its first week, Apple hasn’t shared any stats about how Apple’s streaming service is doing. Disney+, on the other hand, seems to be blowing away the competition.

Two months after Disney+ launched, its app has been downloaded close to 41 million times on the App Store and Google Play app store. In total, it has generated an estimated $97.2 million in user spending.

TikTok was the top iOS app worldwide in Q4 2019


TikTok 1
TikTok had a great fourth quarter.
Photo: TikTok

TikTok was the most popular iOS app worldwide in Q4 2019, as measured by total number of downloads. In both the App Store and Google Play, TikTok downloads hit an all-time high of almost 220 million installs. On iOS alone, it racked up 42 million.

In the United States, TikTok ranked no. 2 after the newly launched Disney+.

Big change coming to MacBook Pro and we reveal our Gear of the Year, on The CultCast


CultCast 417
A welcome change may be coming to MacBook Pro and iPad...
Photo: @YSR50

This week on The CultCast: Apple is readying a new display technology that could bring a huge change for MacBook Pro and iPad; our favorite Black Friday hauls; and it’s time for our favorite Gear of the Year! Plus our favorite movies, TV shows, and all the other stuff we loved most in 2019. It’s a party and you’re invited.

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The MacBook Pro is PRO again! We talk the new 16-incher plus our Disney+ first impressions, on The CultCast


CultCast 414: The long-rumored 16-inch MacBook Pro is finally here, and it's a beauty.
The long-rumored 16-inch MacBook Pro is finally here, and it's a beauty.
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This week on The CultCast: Everything you need to know about the new 16-inch MacBook Pro! Plus, our first impressions of this hot new machine. And we discuss Disney+, and why it may beat Netflix and Amazon as the best streaming service today.

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Disney+ is live and ready to download from the App Store


Disney+ is live and ready to download from the App Store
Disney+ has the potential to be a leviathan in the streaming game.
Image: Disney

The Disney+ app is officially available to download through the App Store. The subscription service features an extensive back catalog plus new shows, including the Star Wars spinoff The Mandalorian.

And, just like that, the streaming war just got a whole lot more intensive!