Harber London leather desk mat and mouse pad really class up the joint [Reviews]


The XL Harber London desk mat adds soft, supple leather to your workspace.
The XL Harber London desk mat adds soft, supple leather to your workspace.
Photo: Harber London

You may not be into overstuffed leather sofas, leather car seats and jackets worthy of the wardrobe department of The Sopranos. But it’s hard to deny the sense of class and luxury leather accessories can add to a computer workstation. And you can really dress up your desk with Harber London’s leather desk mat and mouse pad combo.

Health care exec cures cable outbreak threatening healthy work and play station [Setups]


Dr. Edward Wang's setup features an ultra-wide monitor.
Edward Wang's setup features an ultra-wide monitor. (Note the eye-strain-reducing BenQ Screen Bar lighting atop the monitor.)
Photo: Edward Wang

Basking Ridge, New Jersey-based Edward Wang, Ph.D., is an executive director with Quest Diagnostics. He took some serious time and effort making his setup a clean and powerful tool for health care work and audiovisual play. Once he diagnosed and treated a cable-management malady stemming from several separate pieces of computer and audio equipment, his setup delighted him.

This home theater setup makes exposed wires look cool


Cables never looked so good.
Photo: JustTSK/Reddit

You can spend hours on cable management when trying to create the perfect home cinema setup, but you don’t need to. Why hide the wires away when you can make them look as good as they do in the sweet setup above?

All you need is a tube of superglue, steady hands, and patience.

Control Your Cable Clutter With The CableHub 2 Pack [Deals]



Your desk needs to be clean and organized so you function as efficiently as possible, right? Don’t you get tired of wasting time untangling, tripping and spilling due to that pesky abundance of cords.

CableHub isn’t just any other cable management system. Those only store one or two cables at once, but you need something that exceeds that. Some people need to charge a tablet, phone, headset, laptop, and any other everyday necessity to keep your day running smooth, and CableHub will help make that happen. And Cult of Mac Deals has The CableHub 2 Pack for only $24.99 during this limited time offer.