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The beauty of monitor and laptop stands (and a Hulk cord holder) [Setups]


When you don't a big desk, stands for monitor and laptop are great space-savers.
When you don't a big desk, stands for monitor and laptop are great space-savers.

In the world of computer setups, space is often at a premium. When you’ve got computers, displays, peripherals, gadgets and cables, you need some surface area. But not everyone has a big desk, much less more than one. That’s where certain types of stands and mounting arms come in handy.

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The beauty of monitor and laptop stands

Take Redditor Dhudong, for example. They’ve got a not-very-big desk desk — 47.5 inches x 23.5 inches — backed into a tight space against a wall and between two other walls. That takes away the option of having a monitor angled out over the edge of the desk to one side or the other.

So how does Dhudong keep such a neat little desk with room to work? One method would be to mount the monitor directly on the wall, like some people do with flat-screen TVs. But Dhudong’s answer comes down to an adjustable stand for the laptop and an articulated arm mount for the monitor. They both get hardware up off the desk, creating more space for other things.

Dhudong keeps their MacBook Air open on an adjustable aluminum laptop stand. The stand’s height keeps the MBA up and away from the desk, and the stand’s base creates a space where some smaller items can sit. They’ve got a notebook, a watch and a small case resting there. The laptop remains within reach, but not in the way.

It’s a similar story with Dhudong’s 32-inch M7 Smart Monitor. Mounted on an articulated arm that can be moved in any direction, it can be nearly flush to the wall or angled slightly. Just a small base takes up room on the actual desktop.

With the display and its arm taking up so little desktop real estate, there’s room for a pen holder, a clock, a speaker, a small charger and even an Incredible Hulk cable holder. Commenters love the little Hulk, even though it holds just one cable, contributing very little to overall cable management. But he’s cute. We offer one in the list below, but we couldn’t find the exact one Dhudong has.

Keychron mechanical keyboard

As we find with many a Mac-centric setup, the keyboard is a third-party mechanical keyboard, not an Apple product. Dhudong uses a Keychron K3 V2, the company’s “ultra-slim” model.

One Redditor asked how Dhudong likes his Keychron. The commenter had read mixed reviews citing issues like lost Bluetooth connectivity.

“I’ve never experienced a loss in connection,” Dhudong replied. “What I’ll say is that if you’re into mechanical keyboards don’t expect too much from them. However, if you don’t know much about mechanical keyboards but want to get somewhat of a feel then they’re quite a good, relatively low cost option.”

Another commenter asked about the relatively low profile of the K3 V2 keyboard compared to other keyboards with full-size keycaps.

“I will take some getting used to if you’re coming from a regular mechanical keyboard as the travel and actuation point is much shorter and lighter (I have low profile hot swappable blue switches),” Dhudong wrote. “But if you’re coming from a macbook or any chicket low profile keyboard it’s okay but I think it’s still a little lighter than the macbook keyboard.”

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