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Win a chic crossbody iPhone case from Noémie [Cult of Mac giveaway]


Noemie Napa iPhone crossbody case
A rear pocket with a secure snap holds up to four IDs or credit cards.
Photo: Noémie

This Cult of Mac giveaway is for the ladies! Five lucky winners will each receive a stylish Napa crossbody iPhone case from Noémie. These cases looks chic and are great for running errands or going out on the town when a bigger bag is not needed.

If you care about fashion (or have a fashionista in the family), and own an iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Max/iPhone 12 Pro Max, you should definitely enter the latest Cult of Mac giveaway.

The Marqui Crossbody Pouch: Welcome to the future of pockets


Marqui Crossbody Pouch
Contrary to what every schoolteacher told you, pockets are for hands.
Photo: WaterField Designs

That’s it, I’m calling it. 2019 is officially the year that men’s pockets become obsolete. Women have had to do without pockets on their pants since, well, since women were finally granted the right to wear pants in 1946, after a year of post-war protests. They then had to wait until the late 1970s before the federal ban on pockets was finally lifted. But by then, no manufacturer was brave enough to take on the powerful anti-pocket lobby.

If only women had had access to the WaterField Designs’ new Marqui Crossbody Pouch, history might have been quite different.

This is the messenger bag Don Draper would carry


Briefcase messenger bag
Perfect for the office, or the martini bar
Photo: SF Bags

Look, it’s yet another beautiful bag from San Francisco’s WaterField Designs. The Executive Leather Messenger is a modern take on the briefcase, designed for MacBooks, iPads and chargers, instead of clipboards, papers and cigarettes.

That’s not to say that you can’t take this to a martini bar, or fill it with analog vapers and “artisanal emails” (aka written letters), if you want to.

Sutter Sling Pouch declares war on pockets [Review]


Watch out pockets — the Sutter Sling Pouch is gunning for your crown.
Watch out pockets — the Sutter Sling Pouch is gunning for your crown.
Photo: Nuria Gregori

The Sutter Sling Pouch is a gentleman’s handbag that’s just big enough for you to empty your pockets into. It is also the end of pockets as we know them. What kind of dumbo would stuff their pants full of keys, wallets, multitools, iPads, Kindles and other uncomfortable gear when they can just dump it in the Sutter Sling instead?

A dedicated dumbo, that’s what kind. Smart folks will join me in acknowledging this as a turning point in history: The death of pockets as we know them. When our climate-decimated society is dug up by the Indiana Joneses of the future, they will look at the patches sewn all over our human trousers, and wonder what the hell we thought we were up to.

This amazing shoulder bag is just big enough to empty your pockets into


Who needs pockets when you have the Sutter Sling?
Who needs pockets when you have the Sutter Sling Pouch?
Photo: SF Bags

Only in the United States do men try to carry all their essential out-of-home possessions in their pockets. Wallet, keys, phone, spare battery, AirPods, Leatherman. So wedded are men to this principal that they ridicule small bags by calling them “murses.” Either that, or they use things like cellphone holsters or fanny packs, which are pretty much social death.

In Europe (but not in the U.K.), men just carry small bags. And they call them “bags,” or whatever the local name is. Whatever, it’s definitely not el murse. Now, men in the U.S. can catch up to the the rest of the world with WaterField Designs’ Sutter Sling Pouch, a gentleman’s handbag that’s just big enough for you to empty your pockets into.

The perfect minimalist travel kit for iPhone and iPad fans


The Bagsmart travel organizer
Everything in its place.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

I don’t travel much, but when I do, I like to do it properly. And by “properly,” I mean with all my gadgets organized. Yes, you can drop your chargers into the bottom of your backpack or suitcase. Or you can stuff them into a pocket.

But they’ll get damaged, you’ll end up losing something, and if you need to take out one charger, adapter, dongle or cable, you’ll end up dropping the rest all over the floor of the departure lounge.

You need to get organized, and here’s one great way to do it.

This Pad & Quill leather MacBook bag will outlast anything you put in it


pad and quill attache
You don't need a big beard to be a hipster.
Photo: Pad & Quill

If you want to crush your shoulder, and at the same time have all your gear and gadgets within easy reach, then a messenger bag is the way to go. Less formal than a briefcase, and less sporty than a backpack, a messenger bag is stylish and practical. And Pad & Quill’s Attache messenger bag is more stylish and practical than most. It’s a hand-stitched leather beauty which can swallow most of your Mac and iOS devices and accessories.

Bookbook CaddySack organizes your Mac’s chargers and dongles


Bookbook Caddysack
Keep all your chargers and cables together when you leave the house.
Photo: TwelveSouth

Twelve South’s Bookbook Caddysack might sound like the babble of a sugared-up two-year-old, but it is in fact a super-handy gadget bag for travelers, or folks who spend a lot of time not at home or the office. It’s a little case that’s designed to hold all the chargers and other accessories you need for your various Apple devices.