The Marqui Crossbody Pouch: Welcome to the future of pockets


Marqui Crossbody Pouch
Contrary to what every schoolteacher told you, pockets are for hands.
Photo: WaterField Designs

That’s it, I’m calling it. 2019 is officially the year that men’s pockets become obsolete. Women have had to do without pockets on their pants since, well, since women were finally granted the right to wear pants in 1946, after a year of post-war protests. They then had to wait until the late 1970s before the federal ban on pockets was finally lifted. But by then, no manufacturer was brave enough to take on the powerful anti-pocket lobby.

If only women had had access to the WaterField Designs’ new Marqui Crossbody Pouch, history might have been quite different.

Pockets? What are they good for?

The front pocket of WaterField Designs Marqui Crossbody Pouch can fit any phone.
The Marqui’s front pocket can fit any phone.
Photo: WaterField Designs

Scenario 1: Instead of taking the elevator up one floor, you walk up the stairs like some kind of exercise freak. But your pants start to catch as you get sweaty, and suddenly that relatively huge iPhone XR in your pocket digs into your thigh, making it hard to climb. You remove it, and vow never to use stairs again (at least not in the upward direction).

Scenario 2: You are wearing smart-looking suit pants, the kind with diagonal pocket openings. Or, if you have no pride, you are outside of your home or gym wearing baggy tracksuit trousers. What I’m trying to say is that you’re not wearing jeans. And so, when you sit down pretty much anywhere, your iPhone, your pocket change, your wallet — and whatever else you have in your pocket — will slip out and perhaps get lost or broken.

WaterField Designs Marqui Crossbody Pouch

Imagine that lot in your pants. Ouch.
Imagine that lot in your pants. Ouch.
Photo: WaterField Designs

The Marqui Crossbody Pouch is a smaller take on the Sutter Sling, also from the San Francisco bag experts at WaterField Designs. A cross-body strap attached to a zippered pouch, the Marqui is essentially what a pocket would look like if surgically removed from a pair of pants, and left to fend for itself in the world.

The Marqui offers a front pocket for your phone, a gold-colored main section with its own organizer pockets, and an open pocket on the body side. The strap comes with a neat, one-handed cam lock for quick and easy adjustment. And the sling comes in ballistic nylon, finished with any of five colored-leather panels.

Who needs this?

SF Bags Marqui Crossbody Pouch is good for travel.
Good for travel.
Photo: WaterField Designs

So, who needs this type of bag? Everyone. You might not need this particular model, but a cross-body pouch proves super-practical in a variety of situations. You can keep all your essentials in one place, so you don’t need to empty and load up your pockets whenever you arrive home/leave the house. Never again will you forget your wallet, or keys, or AirPods, because they will always be in your bag.

Try it. You might like it. And once you switch to a bag, your pockets will be freed up for their intended purpose: to put your hands in while you shrug and whistle, trying to look casual and inconspicuous.

Price: $79

Buy from: WaterField Designs


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