Best List: Time to seriously upgrade your life



You know what I hate about Apple computers? The precious keyboards. They look lovely, with their sleek designs and tiny little keys, but they absolutely kill my wrists and fingers. That’s why I plug a grimy old Goldtouch keyboard ($129 list when they made ‘em) into the MacBook Air that I use for work. I even take the weird-looking A-frame keyboard with me when I travel. It’s not an elegant-looking solution, but it’s a lifesaver.

I’ve dealt with typing-related RSI for decades. While I use voice recognition when I have to write something lengthy, it’s not the perfect tool to accomplish every task in every situation. Sometimes I need to hammer away on a keyboard, and when I do, the Goldtouch makes the experience far less painful. It’s split down the center, with a ball joint that lets me adjust the angle between the two halves as well as the height at the center. And the soft-touch keys just feel good to me. — Lewis Wallace

P.S. I haven’t tried the updated Goldtouch V2 ($115) or the company’s Go!2 Bluetooth mobile keyboard, but when ol’ faithful finally gives up the ghost, that’ll be my move.

Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

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  • Sky Doherty

    I’m using the Goldtouch V2 and am pretty happy with it. Surely a good upgrade from the Apple keyboard, in the way that it keeps me able to type for long hours.

  • Sky Doherty

    I also picked up a frame from Multi-Table.Com (via Amazon w/ free shipping), I fashioned a high quality plywood table-top and had a great desk for under $500. I sometimes use my cordless power drill to rise/lower the desk, but I sometimes prefer the action of using the crank; it only takes 30 seconds or so to go one way or the other.