Apple store thieves rob $200,000 worth of iPhones


Apple Store Perth robbery
Two Apple Stores were broken into early Tuesday morning.
Photo: WA Police

Thieves reportedly stole more than $200,000 worth of iPhones from an Australian Apple store in an early morning raid Tuesday.

According to police, a gang smashed its way into a store in Perth at 2:15 a.m. After being disturbed and fleeing empty-handed, they headed to another store. They broke into this second Apple store in Garden City in Booragoon at 3 a.m., and made off with the handset haul after threatening a security guard.

Apple Pay goes live in two new markets and one big Australian bank


doxo Apple Pay
Apple Pay continues to go from strength to strength.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Apple Pay has continued its expansion by going live in Hungary and Luxembourg. This marks 38 markets in which Apple’s mobile payment service is now available.

It is Apple Pay’s first new launch since it went live in Iceland at the start of May. That’s not the only Apple Pay news, either.

Apple scraps plans for controversial flagship store in Melbourne


Oz new store
The Apple Store that will never happen.
Photo: Apple

Apple has scrapped a controversial plan to build a flagship Apple Store in Melbourne, Australia’s Federation Square.

Apple had been battling to build the store for much of last year. It even scrapped its original designs and came up with new ones, only to have those criticized as well. Government agent Heritage Victoria ruled that the Apple Store would be too “visually dominant.” It also said that demolishing the existing Yarra Building to construct Apple’s flagship store would “diminish” the public space.

Australia’s biggest department store will stop selling Apple products


Australia money
Apple products had become unprofitable, the store said.
Photo: Cult of Mac / Picturesofmoney

Australian biggest department store Myer has said that it will stop selling Apple products. The retail giant, founded more than a century ago, claims Apple products have become unprofitable for it.

The news that it will stop selling Apple devices was announced by the company today. It will apply to both the company’s physical and online stores.

iPhone stops arrow en route to user’s head


iPhone stops arrow
Here's one man's tip on using the iPhone.
Photo: New South Wales police

The iPhone has made news for stopping bullets. A man in Australia discovered his iPhone was durable enough to stop an arrow aimed at his head.

The man was under attack in his driveway by an acquaintance with a bow and arrow in the town of Nimbin in New South Wales. The victim raised his iPhone to get a picture of his attacker when an arrow struck and penetrated the handset.

Multinational struggle pits Apple against new encryption laws


GrayKey can bypass iPhone security
Several governments have passed or are working on laws that Apple argues weaken the encyption that protects the privacy of its users.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Australia recently passed a law forcing tech companies to give law enforcement greater access to encrypted messages from users. The U.K. already has a similar law, and India is considering one.

There’s no new legislation in the U.S., but the FBI and other police agencies still want easy access to iPhones and other computers, as well as private conversations.

Australian Apple Store customer blasts bad experience


The screen really is beautiful.
Customer went into Apple Store to buy an iPad cover.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

Apple Stores are known for their high level of service. An Australian dad begs to differ, however, based on his reported experience in a Sydney Apple Store recently.

Specifically, he claims that he was given a hard sell on using Apple Pay on his iPhone. Despite not wanting to use the service, he reports feeling patronized and — worse — as though the store was refusing to let him pay for his product in any other way.

Federation Square officials try again to make Melbourne Apple Store a reality


Oz new store
The original, now abandoned design for Melbourne's flagship Apple Store.
Photo: Apple

A fresh attempt is being made to demolish Federation Square’s Yarra Building in Melbourne, Australia to free up space for a proposed flagship Apple Store.

The application has been made by the square’s management, which argues that the building to be demolished is not in keeping with the other building designs in the precinct.