Federation Square officials try again to make Melbourne Apple Store a reality


Oz new store
The original, now abandoned design for Melbourne's flagship Apple Store.
Photo: Apple

A fresh attempt is being made to demolish Federation Square’s Yarra Building in Melbourne, Australia to free up space for a proposed flagship Apple Store.

The application has been made by the square’s management, which argues that the building to be demolished is not in keeping with the other building designs in the precinct.

However, critics of the proposal suggest that it is being rushed through so as to avoid scrutiny. Specifically, the application would seek to destroy the existing Yarra Building before a consideration for heritage registration is resolved.

Heritage Victoria executive director Steven Avery recommended in October 2018 that Federation Square should be protected on account of its, “historical, architectural, aesthetic, cultural and technical significance to the state.”

Challenges down under

Apple’s proposed flagship Apple Store in Melbourne, Australia’s Federation Square has been causing headaches since day one. Apple has already had to make changes to its original plans. These included scrapping its original store designs, boasting an elaborate pagoda-style roof. However, the replacement design has also been criticized for causing a, “loss of definition to the square.”

Those in favor of the new Apple Store note that it would create more than 500 square meters of new public space, along with bringing in new visitors and money. Those against it point out that Federation Square is a space intended for public events. These include cultural performances and public protests.

Already, construction on the proposed Apple flagship store has been pushed back to 2020 — with the eventual opening taking place in 2021. A previous attempt to block construction of the store failed in Australian parliament.

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Source: The Age