iPhone stops arrow en route to user’s head


iPhone stops arrow
Here's one man's tip on using the iPhone.
Photo: New South Wales police

The iPhone has made news for stopping bullets. A man in Australia discovered his iPhone was durable enough to stop an arrow aimed at his head.

The man was under attack in his driveway by an acquaintance with a bow and arrow in the town of Nimbin in New South Wales. The victim raised his iPhone to get a picture of his attacker when an arrow struck and penetrated the handset.

The arrow tip popped the screen protector off the display, which is where the arrow’s flight came to a sudden stop. The force of the arrow caused the phone to smack the victim in the chin, according to a report by Australia’s news.com.au.

iPhone stops arrow
The victim tried to take a picture and got a lucky shot.
Photo: New South Wales police

Police did not report if the iPhone still works or if the man happened to get a photo before the strike of the arrow.

Police arrived before the attacker could reload and arrested him on a charge of being armed with intent to commit an indictable offense, assault, and malicious damage. The unidentified man was granted conditional bail and has a court date in April.

The iPhone’s aluminum housing is known to occasionally come between a person and death. In 2015, a man was shot during an armed robbery at Fresno State. His iPhone stopped the bullet. A year later, a Turkish soldier was shot during a firefight with terrorists, the bullet halted by his iPhone 6.

Tech news site Apple Insider said a MacBook Pro in a Florida man’s backpack reportedly stopped a stray bullet in 2017.

Source: Apple Insider