Australian cricket team depends on Apple Watch for max performance


Apple Watch app to monitor athletic performance
Coaches monitor the performance of the Australian Women’s Cricket Team via Apple Watch.
Photo: Apple

The Australian Women’s Cricket Team uses Apple Watches to optimize their training and improve their performance while also reducing the risk of injury. An app allows coaches to monitor training load and heart rate, but also mood and sleep data.

“Apple Watch delivers highly accurate and instantaneous data, which has helped us overcome previous challenges where player data reached us too late to be leveraged,” said Cricket Australia’s David Bailey, performance coach. “Now we can analyse player data in real time and put interventions in place to manage player fatigue and mitigate the risk of injury.”

Apple Watch app prevents overtraining

The cricket team uses an activity monitoring app developed by the Australian Institute of Sport. It’s designed to track training load and player fatigue to help ensure players don’t overtrain.

The fact that the players generally like the Apple Watch, and are therefore more likely to wear it, contributes to the success of this effort. The athletes share their Activity rings with each other, which encourages them to keep motivated.

“Within elite sports there’s often not huge differences or margins between the best teams in the world, so being precise and insights-led with the way that you train can make a huge difference when you’re on the field,” said Meg Lanning, Australian captain.

Source: Apple