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Strap on an Apple Watch refurb from just $109.99 before they’re all gone


Get Apple Watch 5 at its lowest price yet
Quick! Get one before they're all gone.
Photo: Apple

Treat yourself to Apple Watch with big discounts on refurbs for a limited time only. Woot is offering Series 3, Series 4 and Series 5 units from just $109.99. Supplies are limited, so bag one before they’re all gone.

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Budget ‘Apple Watch SE’ could be scaled-back Series 4


More affordable Apple Watch would be nice.
A low-cost wearable that’s been dubbed ‘Apple Watch SE’ could be on the docket Apple’s Sept. 15 event.
Illustration: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Details of what’s been called the “Apple Watch SE” may have leaked out. An unconfirmed report indicates this model will have the same design as the wearable this company released in 2018, but with some of the high-end features stripped out. That will make it a lower-cost option.

Bag an Apple Watch for under $130 today only


watchOS 4 is great and all, but what's coming in watchOS 5?
Quick! Stock is selling fast.
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Woot’s big sales on Apple devices never fail to disappoint. Its latest offers up Apple Watch refurbs, with prices starting at a mere $129.99. The deal is good for today only and stock is selling fast, so claim yours while you can.

This post contains affiliate links. Cult of Mac may earn a commission when you use our links to buy items.

Huge study confirms Apple Watch ECG accurately detects AFib


Apple Watch Meidcare
Doctors found that if your Apple Watch ECG indicates you have a heart problem, you almost certainly do.
Photo: Apple

The electrocardiogram built into recent Apple Watch models isn’t likely to give wearers false notifications that they have atrial fibrillation, a potentially dangerous heart condition. A clean bill of health for this wearable’s ECG is the conclusion of a study involving over 400,000 participants that was published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Apple Watch calls cops for unconscious driver after car crash


App Home Screen Apple Watch Series 4
Another day, another story of an Apple Watch-powered rescue.
Photo: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

Police in England responded to a car accident after an Apple Watch on the wrist of an unconscious man sent a request for help.

Details on the crash, including the victim’s condition, were not available. But the emergency SOS may have been a first for police in Surrey, who enthusiastically posted it on Twitter and tagged Apple CEO Tim Cook. The tweet also included a string of emoji showing a watch, satellite and rescue vehicles.

Got a new Apple Watch? Now get the best price for your old one


watchOS 5
Avoid selling your old Apple Watch to Apple.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Now that you have your shiny new Apple Watch Series 5, it’s time to make back some of the money you just spent by selling your old model. But don’t take it to the Apple Store.

Apple will offer you just a fraction of what your old Apple Watch is really worth. Make a lot more by selling yours to Cult of Mac instead.

Wicked bike wreck shows importance of Apple Watch hard fall detection


fall detection
An Apple Watch can call 911 if you trip, slip, or wipe out so severely you knock yourself unconscious.
Photo: Apple

Bob Burdett was mountain biking near Spokane, then the next thing he knew he was waking up in an ambulance. He’d had a crash so severe he was knocked unconscious for a considerable amount of time. Fortunately, his Apple Watch called 911 for him.

Apple Watch Series 5 runs on same CPU as Series 4


Apple Watch 5 is always ready with the time.
Photo: Apple

The insides of the Apple Watch Series 5 aren’t all that different from last year’s Series 4.

Other than the new always-on display, the only other internal changes Apple promoted were the new compass and increased storage. The latest build of Xcode reveals that those are basically the only changes, as the Series 5 uses the same CPU and GPU found in Apple Watch Series 4.